19th June 2017
Rules of the Pool

Everyone knows the rules of the pool.

No running, ducking, bombing or heavy petting.

The latter might seem laughable to any younger readers, but before Easyjet flew you to Magaluf for a sleazy weekend, swimming pools were a hotbed of inappropriateness.

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3rd March 2013
House of ill

It's been a grim fortnight with both the boys suffering a week each of fever and phlegm.

It's been so prolonged Sonny has started referring to Calpol as a pudding. Luca has a Calpol dance!?

Two weeks house-bound has meant they've had to draw up a gentleman’s agreement on some house rules.

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17th July 2012
A trip to the moon

homemade rocket"Can we fly to the moon please daddy?"

"Yeah, why not!"

My insistence at keeping the cardboard box from our washing machine was met by a look of incredulity from Janet.

"We don't have the space, and you'll never use it!" She said.

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3rd January 2012
New Year Resolutions ... oh well

With Janet back at work today, so began our new years resolutions ... and by lunchtime only one remains unbroken; to write a blog of our adventures.

In my defense, Janet didn't help by missing her train and thus letting me go back to bed for 20 mins.

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16th September 2015
Manchester Hidden Gems

Richmond-tea-rooms-6I was recently asked if I'd like to contribute to an infographic on the foodie hidden gems of Manchester. I'll not lie, my first thought was that I was being mocked.

Me? A stay-at-home dad? Eating out?

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13th July 2014
Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont

la croix du vieux pontI love everything about France, even if my last trip was memorable for very different reasons. But then who's not nearly been arrested for human trafficking at some point in their lives? Really, just me?

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17th August 2014
Azteca Hotel Review - Chessington

azteca hotelLast week we were invited to the launch of the new Azteca Hotel at Chessington World of Adventures.

The boys have never stayed in a hotel before, and with Luca having FINALLY broken through the 0.

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14th April 2013
LEGO City Undercover - Wii U

Lego City Undercover Wii UFor Christmas I gave Sonny my old Nintendo DS. He'd played with his cousins before and had somehow convinced me it could be educational, helping with his alphabet, namely A, B, X, and Y.

He loved it. A little too much.

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10th February 2013
Bloggers to watch in 2013

I received a lovely email on Friday from 'A New Generation'.....blogging award

It's lovely to appear on a list in such good company. I already love following Rock 'n 'Roll Mum and Man in his Pyjamas. Both are brilliant.

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19th November 2013
Crucial Challenge

I've crossed an electronicals line this week. Twice. Thrice if you include my insistence on using the word electronicals (but lets not).

The first was with my phone. I was trying to take a photo of the kids but no matter how I held it I couldn't get my finger out of the shot.

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