24th April 2017
How outraged are you, I mean really?
writing a letter

I'm outraged. Outraged I tell ya! Outraged by the amount of mock outrage there is on social media. It's nothing short of, well, outrageous.

What ever happened to being a little annoyed? A tad miffed? Moderately irked?

I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure this level of mock outrage is a modern phenomenon. It wasn't always such.

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10th March 2013
Morning Routine

Prior to Sonny starting Nursery our morning routine was so loose that my request of,

“Shall we get dressed?”, would often include the caveat,

“...before breakfast/lunch/mummy gets home from work?

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14th January 2014
Toffee the Class Bear

On Friday Sonny brought Toffee home from school. Toffee the bear.

He was really excited, Luca was jealous, and me, well I kissed goodbye to my weekend of doing nothing.

Let's face it, nothing inflicts some culture on your weekend quite like your child bringing home the class teddy.

I mentioned him on Twitter and discovered I wasn't alone.

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10th February 2013
Shame in the Museum

I've never been good at accents. Ask me to voice more than two teddies and it can quickly descend into a picnic hosted by Jim Davidson.

My knowledge of animals isn't great either. Beyond the Farmyard and pages of 'Dear Zoo' it's pretty much all guesswork.

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30th September 2012
Weekend in Tarn

tarn outdoor sports centre

tarnEvery few years we have a weekend away with our extended family of Bryce/Mackies. The Mackies head South of the border, and we drive North until we meet half-way; in a beautifully converted barn in the Lake District.

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13th July 2014
Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont

la croix du vieux pontI love everything about France, even if my last trip was memorable for very different reasons. But then who's not nearly been arrested for human trafficking at some point in their lives? Really, just me?

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2nd March 2012
Quarry Bank Mill

We had a lovely day in the sun yesterday at Quarry Bank Mill.  We parked a nice walk away through the woods so we could follow the river (and the ducks) to the mill.

For once the day was shame-free for everyone.

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13th July 2014
I aint gettin' on no plane

My recent trip to Paris with the Canvas Bloggers brought back memories of my last trip to France three years ago, particularly as we passed through passport control before boarding the ferry.

You see last time I went to France I nearly didn't get beyond this point, but then why would you if you were suspected of human trafficking?

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6th August 2013
Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday last week. 39. That's thirty-nine. NOT 40! How can I be so sure? Janet insisted I produce my passport as proof, that's how!

It's become a birthday tradition to go away for a couple of days. A tradition Janet's sister was obviously unaware of when she first agreed to look after the kids three years ago.

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13th April 2013
Hide and Seek Scooby Doo

My childhood was one big game of hide and seek, or more accurately hide, jump out, and measure your success on the pitch of the ensuing scream. Even at 38 I still feel a sense of anxiety if either of my sisters are in the house and I don't know exactly where they are at any given time.

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