19th July 2017
100 Years Young

The boys Great Grandma turned 100 this week. 100!

The secret to her longevity? No idea, she doesn't speak a word of English.

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14th January 2014
Toffee the Class Bear

On Friday Sonny brought Toffee home from school. Toffee the bear.

He was really excited, Luca was jealous, and me, well I kissed goodbye to my weekend of doing nothing.

Let's face it, nothing inflicts some culture on your weekend quite like your child bringing home the class teddy.

I mentioned him on Twitter and discovered I wasn't alone.

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9th July 2015
The Circle of Life

The boys have reached the age where they're learning about the circle of life.

It's a wonderful period of discovery. At school they have a mini-beast hotel and a butterfly garden. An allotment and a pond. They've witnessed tadpoles become frogs, and fed lambs on a farm.

But it's not so much a circle as an arc.

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5th September 2012
Our New Nursery


Not the response I expected after his first full morning at nursery, but understandable all the same.

"Why did you leave me?"

A small crowd of toddlers gathered, eager to hear my justification as if I were the spokesman for parents everywhere.

"Because this is your lovely new nursery.

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23rd October 2013
A London Adventure

A couple of weeks ago we were invited down to London for a Tesco Toy Casting; at RADA no less.

Our travel expenses were paid for and as the boys had never been to London we decided to make a weekend of it and visit some friends we see all too rarely.

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30th August 2016
Altomincio Family Park with Canvas Holidays

altomincio-poolOur trip with Canvas Holidays to Altomincio Family Park near Lake Garda was to be a holiday of firsts. First time on a plane; first time abroad; our first proper holiday as a family.

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3rd July 2012
Summer Holiday

For two weeks prior to going away we'd been using CBeebies as our blueprint for our summer holiday, little did we know how much had been filmed in Scarborough ... and so began our CBeebies Summer Song pilgrimage!

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31st January 2016
Modern Art Post Kids

There was a time I quite liked modern art. I actively sought it out.

Many a weekend was wasted interpreting the uninterpretable, hours spent looking for meaning in the meaningless.

With the Guardian's 'what's on' guide as my bible, I considered myself cultured. A patron of the most pretentious 'art spaces' Manchester had to offer.

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24th April 2017
How outraged are you, I mean really?

I'm outraged. Outraged I tell ya! Outraged by the amount of mock outrage there is on social media. It's nothing short of, well, outrageous.

What ever happened to being a little annoyed? A tad miffed? Moderately irked?

I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure this level of mock outrage is a modern phenomenon. It wasn't always such.

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19th March 2017
Seeking Sanctuary on the Toilet

I've decided to embrace my inner grumpiness through a series of posts I'm calling 'the mutterings of a middle-aged man'. And before you say it, no, it wasn't always such; at least not officially.

And where better to start than this.

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