Wythenshawe Park

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wythemshawe park playgroundEveryone has their favourite teddy (unless you’re Janet with a heart of stone!?!)  Mine is still going strong in Sonny’s cot, albeit if it were human it would definitely qualify for a blue badge.

Sonny has numerous favourites, teddy one, teddy two, elephant, chicken, rabbit one, two, three … the list goes on.  Luca has just the one, Mr Cow.

I’ve learned the hard way that to wash them during the day can have traumatic consequences. … read the full post.

I hate half-term!

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When I started our blog the intention was for it to be a diary of our adventures, but the lure of using it as an outlet for a good old whine has proven too strong!

I hate half-term, especially now the local schools have seen fit to spread the misery out over two weeks.

It started on Monday when a trip to the Glo Family never happened because the car-park and surrounding roads were jam-packed with 4x4s full of bored school kids abusing our Playgroups facilities.… read the full post.


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I thought I’d found a healthy balance over how much time the boys were spending in front of the TV; that was until on our last trip to the moon we appeared to have developed our own theme tune, not too dissimilar to the moonpig.com advert (replace the word pig with trip and you have the idea!)

Another favourite advert is one for play-doh, so after repeatedly being asked for some I decided we’d make our own.… read the full post.

Ice Cream for Breakfast

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‘I Can Cook’ has become a favourite program of ours, although I’m starting to think its favoured for ulterior motives. Regardless of what Katy is making it inspires Sonny into wanting to cook something completely different.  Shepherds pie was interpreted as baking a cake, a Lamb cobbler inspired lolly pops, and fish pie was somehow perceived as biscuits?

I used this mornings episode as a distraction for me to quickly jump in the shower, and despite the episode being a peach tart I wasn’t overly concerned when Sonny shouted up to me that it was ice-cream.… read the full post.