Science Lessons

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Monday saw the return of our science lessons, or if I’m honest, an excuse to visit the Science & Industry Museum.

Sonny’s tantrums have slowly gone from traumatic, through being funny, and are now at the stage of just being damn annoying. Even Luca has stopped finding his hissy-fits amusing and rather than stand over him chewing on his imaginary gum as he used to do, he now just gives him a look of disdain before following me out of the room.… read the full post.

Bruised Ribs & Ego

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Sometimes Sonny and Luca give me a look as if to say  ‘who’s the grown-up here?’

Without their disapproving stares I found myself in Asda, at the top of a long straight ramp, with no-one around and a trolley that was asking to be ridden on … and so I set off with my feet firmly lodged on the wheel arches, picking up a little more speed than I’d expected.… read the full post.

Our day at the National Media Museum

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It was Sonny’s day to choose where we went and after some Derren Brown-esque mind tricks I steered him away from Africa and London Bridge before he settled on a museum, on his proviso that it was a new one.

I know, negotiating with a two year old doesn’t bode well for the future but Ive convinced myself its a lesson in compromise, who for I’m not sure but a compromise all the same.… read the full post.

Posh Apple Juice

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When I first met Janet I claimed I lived in Sale Barns and referred to Urmston as Outer Partington. In a similar vain I used to joke that I wouldn’t use buses until they had a specified 1st-class section, in fact the whole problem with public transport was the public element. How times have changed; now we see the tram as a special treat if it’s for anything less than three stops.… read the full post.