Science Lessons

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Monday saw the return of our science lessons, or if I’m honest, an excuse to visit the Science & Industry Museum.

Sonny’s tantrums have slowly gone from traumatic, through being funny, and are now at the stage of just being damn annoying. Even Luca has stopped finding his hissy-fits amusing and rather than stand over him chewing on his imaginary gum as he used to do, he now just gives him a look of disdain before following me out of the room.… read the full post.

Bruised Ribs & Ego

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Sometimes Sonny and Luca give me a look as if to say  ‘who’s the grown-up here?’

Without their disapproving stares I found myself in Asda, at the top of a long straight ramp, with no-one around and a trolley that was asking to be ridden on … and so I set off with my feet firmly lodged on the wheel arches, picking up a little more speed than I’d expected.… read the full post.

Our day at the National Media Museum

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It was Sonny’s day to choose where we went and after some Derren Brown-esque mind tricks I steered him away from Africa and London Bridge before he settled on a museum, on his proviso that it was a new one.

I know, negotiating with a two year old doesn’t bode well for the future but Ive convinced myself its a lesson in compromise, who for I’m not sure but a compromise all the same.… read the full post.

Posh Apple Juice

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When I first met Janet I claimed I lived in Sale Barns and referred to Urmston as Outer Partington. In a similar vain I used to joke that I wouldn’t use buses until they had a specified 1st-class section, in fact the whole problem with public transport was the public element. How times have changed; now we see the tram as a special treat if it’s for anything less than three stops.… read the full post.

New Year Resolutions … oh well

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With Janet back at work today, so began our new years resolutions … and by lunchtime only one remains unbroken; to write a blog of our adventures.

In my defense, Janet didn’t help by missing her train and thus letting me go back to bed for 20 mins.

1) Get up early to start the day ahead of schedule.

Then again, another had only lasted as long as it’d taken me to find the key for the back door.… read the full post.