Confessions of a House Husband

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Not those kind of confessions, get your mind out of the gutter.

If you were expecting this to begin with a rugged plumber knocking at the door I can only apologise. The most excitement you’d get from me in that scenario is if he didn’t condemn our boiler for another year. And if I’m naked it’s only because the kids let him in without telling me.… read the full post.

Not Another Back to School Post

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Sorry, I lied, it absolutely is another back to school post. What can you do, I called it The Tales of Sonny and Luca. You make your bed, you lie in it.

Sonny started Juniors today, but he’ll not forget his time in infants, not least because those memories are still etched across his tie in gravy.

Luca started Year Two with Sonny’s old teacher.… read the full post.

Pop-Tart Dad

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You know the whole ‘I’d always put my kids first’ malarkey.

You often hear it said on the Jeremy Kyle show, just before it’s revealed they went on a six day bender to Benidorm leaving their kids home alone with some Pop-Tarts and a Fruit Shoot.

Or a blurry meme on Facebook that looks like a greetings card bought in Woolworths circa 1978 and overshared to within an inch of its life.… read the full post.

Holding a Grudge

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taekwond-doFew hold a grudge quite like Luca. He’s the Heston of vengeance. If revenge is a dish best served cold, Luca serves his in liquid nitrogen. Were he an Avenger he’d be Permafrost.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Sonny about their Taekwondo lesson a few months ago when he sparred with his brother for the first time. I’m reluctant to call it a grudge match given only Luca knows what that grudge was, but it was clearly a HUGE one that he’d held for a long, LONG time.… read the full post.

Young Dads Collective

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As a ‘dad blogger’ you know Fathers Day is approaching when your inbox suddenly becomes swamped by Fathers Day gift guides. The cynical blogger in me reads them as a list of ‘things I was sent for free’, although to be fair, I’m just bitter that the best thing I was offered this year was a ‘Best Dad in the World’ tankard?!… read the full post.