Pop-Tart Dad

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You know the whole ‘I’d always put my kids first’ malarkey.

You often hear it said on the Jeremy Kyle show, just before it’s revealed they went on a six day bender to Benidorm leaving their kids home alone with some Pop-Tarts and a Fruit Shoot.

Or a blurry meme on Facebook that looks like a greetings card bought in Woolworths circa 1978 and overshared to within an inch of its life.… read the full post.

Holding a Grudge

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taekwond-doFew hold a grudge quite like Luca. He’s the Heston of vengeance. If revenge is a dish best served cold, Luca serves his in liquid nitrogen. Were he an Avenger he’d be Permafrost.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Sonny about their Taekwondo lesson a few months ago when he sparred with his brother for the first time. I’m reluctant to call it a grudge match given only Luca knows what that grudge was, but it was clearly a HUGE one that he’d held for a long, LONG time.… read the full post.

Young Dads Collective

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As a ‘dad blogger’ you know Fathers Day is approaching when your inbox suddenly becomes swamped by Fathers Day gift guides. The cynical blogger in me reads them as a list of ‘things I was sent for free’, although to be fair, I’m just bitter that the best thing I was offered this year was a ‘Best Dad in the World’ tankard?!… read the full post.

Embarrassing Dad

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I’d always assumed the path to embarrassing dad status would be a gradual one. A prolonged period of otherwise insignificant events, condensed into a single anecdote. A retrospective title earned through hindsight on my part and much exaggeration on theirs.

Talking a little too loudly about someone on the very next table, maybe. A drunken dance at a wedding, quite possibly.… read the full post.

Sanctuary of the Shower

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I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but you know that image of a polar bear clinging to an iceberg? That’s me in the shower that is. And if you’re thinking hippo in a bathtub, shame on you!

It all began when the kids first scaled Mount Stair-gate. Until then, upstairs was a savannah of sanity. A place of respite from all those that sought to destroy my mental well-being.… read the full post.