Parking Rage

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Another day, another battle over a Parent and Toddler (P&T) parking space… I really need to direct my anger in a more productive way.

This morning it was a middle-aged woman who ‘stole’ the only remaining space, and sensing a lack of any child I immediately swung alongside, double checked the backseat, and then as she left the car I slammed my hand on the horn, which if I’m honest, did echo far louder than I’d expected.… read the full post.

All things animals…

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dinosaur eggIs a dinosaur an animal? Is that as stupid as it sounds? I did ask my font of all knowledge but Sonny either didn’t know or thought the question beneath him.

Anyway, granny had bought the boys a dinosaur egg as part of their Easter present and the boys have loved the whole process of watching it hatch and grow.

The instructions suggested it would hatch after 24-48 hours although I was a little worried that having been dropped by granny on her way round I may have some awkward questions to answer should the birth not go to plan.… read the full post.