Bin day Streak

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Just in case I have to apply for a job in the future and need to explain my appearance on some council register it’s probably best that I put today’s ‘incident’ on record.

Every Friday when we hear the bin lorry reversing down the road panic ensues as I grab the last bag of rubbish from the kitchen and dash outside.… read the full post.

Lost Childhood

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holding a tortoiseWhen I was asked to participate in a bloghop for the World Vision #Lostchildhood campaign it got me thinking about my own childhood and how fortunate and carefree it was. That’s a lie, my first thought was bloghop, what the hell is a bloghop (I’m so socially media inept it’s frightening!)

Before I lose you with my own bleary eyed memories, the purpose of this post is to highlight the gulf in differences between our own childhoods and those of youngsters around the world who don’t even know the meaning of the word childhood, let alone share in any of the joys each one should include as a guaranteed minimum entitlement.… read the full post.

Blue Planet

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barry the big bad fishI’ve never known Sonny and Luca to be so excited; at least not since the recent snow which they assumed meant Santa was on his way back. Luca was just pleased to be able to practice saying “fish” while Sonny worked on a joke he could tell Big Bad Barry (as everyone knows, fish wont spit out the boats they’ve swallowed unless you make them laugh?!?)

After a lot of deliberation he settled on his modern take on a classic.… read the full post.