Motherbare blog

My little sister came up with the lovely idea of starting a blog where parents could leave their thoughts on parenting for the benefit of others.

Never one to miss the opportunity of hijacking someone else’s idea I persuaded her to let me help, and being as gullible as she is she agreed.

The blog is called Motherbare and is now up and working (albeit with the odd glitch that needs ironing out).

The premise is that the blog will be a collection of anonymous thoughts on parenting. Advice, confessions, regrets, experiences, and general mutterings.

We’d love for you to leave your own posts, or just give your feedback on the idea/blog etc.

The blog can be found at …

You can subscribe to receive updates of new posts, as well as follow us on Twitter @motherbareblog

Now the website is live I’ll try and get back to writing some more on this blog. Anything to avoid housework!

  • Crumbs & Pegs

    Great idea! I had a look a couple of weeks ago and am just waiting on a pearl of wisdom to emerge from my addled brain. :-)

    Mark replied ….