31st October 2018
Blackpool Illuminations

For us Northerners, Blackpool illuminations is a rite of passage. It's a coming of age moment. Right up there with your first Greggs pasty, chip barms and rickets.

I'll not lie, I had high expectations. So much so I may have bigged it up a little too much.

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11th April 2012
Easter Update

With Easter all but over (at least for anyone not following the school calendar which appears to not only celebrate the return of Jesus but also his week-long after-show party) we've returned to normality and with it our blog.

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7th August 2012
Attack of the Demon Barber

I laugh a lot. In 38 years I have yet to find a situation where humour couldn't be extracted however dark or inappropriate.

Then last Friday morning I found the exception that proves the rule when Sonny came bounding down the stairs. I winced, or maybe it was a recoil.

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28th October 2012

When I first heard about Lovebombing I assumed the thesis had been written by a toddler studying 'The Gullibility of Parents' at Tumble University.

Then I read a lovely post on Sussex Mama's blog, coupled with an article in the Guardian, and noting neither were published on April 1st I decided there was little harm in giving it a go.

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20th October 2015
Manchester City Stadium Tour

Man-City-Tour-1Were you to ask Sonny and Luca to describe me, their options would be plentiful.

Father, caregiver, storyteller, teeth-brushing inspector, school-on-time deliverer, comic in residence, Mario Kart Grand Master ...

… but you don't need to ask them, because I've done it for you.

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30th August 2016
Altomincio Family Park with Canvas Holidays

altomincio-poolOur trip with Canvas Holidays to Altomincio Family Park near Lake Garda was to be a holiday of firsts. First time on a plane; first time abroad; our first proper holiday as a family.

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30th September 2012
Weekend in Tarn

tarn outdoor sports centre

tarnEvery few years we have a weekend away with our extended family of Bryce/Mackies. The Mackies head South of the border, and we drive North until we meet half-way; in a beautifully converted barn in the Lake District.

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10th February 2014
Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics

mario flagWe've been kindly asked by Nintendo to take part in a 'blogger challenge' to celebrate the launch of Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 for the Wii U.

Mario and challenge in the same sentence? I didn't need asking twice.

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23rd August 2013
One Million Children

Syria's Latest Grim Statistic ...

One Million Children in Exile.

With Syria's civil war well into its third year, the United Nations estimates that there are now more than one million Syrian children living outside their country as refugees. They include eight-year-old Aya, who was forced to flee with her family to Lebanon in 2011.

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17th August 2012
Bin day Streak

Just in case I have to apply for a job in the future and need to explain my appearance on some council register it's probably best that I put today's 'incident' on record.

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