31st October 2018
Blackpool Illuminations

For us Northerners, Blackpool illuminations is a rite of passage. It's a coming of age moment. Right up there with your first Greggs pasty, chip barms and rickets.

I'll not lie, I had high expectations. So much so I may have bigged it up a little too much.

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17th July 2012
Snot, poo, and tears

There's a (not so) commonly held belief that in this year of 2012 an alignment of negative forces will signify the beginning of the end of the world. Not wanting to sound pessimistic but I think it may just have happened!

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22nd June 2012
Growing up too quickly

At the park this week I was chatting with a lady about her two toddlers who were roughly the same age as Sonny and Luca, and questioned her mental state given she also had a newborn baby.

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14th March 2012
Smarter than a 2 year old?

Where do Gorillas sleep?

There's no punchline. Worse still, what I thought was another one of Sonny's surreal jokes turned out to be a fact that I really wish I hadn't spent a week mocking him over, before brazenly trying to Google him wrong... and then having to apologise for ever daring to question him in the first place.

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5th September 2016
Not Another Back to School Post

Sorry, I lied, it absolutely is another back to school post. What can you do, I called it The Tales of Sonny and Luca. You make your bed, you lie in it.

Sonny started Juniors today, but he'll not forget his time in infants, not least because those memories are still etched across his tie in gravy.

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30th August 2016
Altomincio Family Park with Canvas Holidays

altomincio-poolOur trip with Canvas Holidays to Altomincio Family Park near Lake Garda was to be a holiday of firsts. First time on a plane; first time abroad; our first proper holiday as a family.

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6th August 2013
Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday last week. 39. That's thirty-nine. NOT 40! How can I be so sure? Janet insisted I produce my passport as proof, that's how!

It's become a birthday tradition to go away for a couple of days. A tradition Janet's sister was obviously unaware of when she first agreed to look after the kids three years ago.

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1st May 2017
Yo-kai Watch 2 - Fleshy Souls & Bony Spirits

It seems like only yesterday that my dreams were haunted by the soundtrack to Yo-kai Watch. The auto-correct on my phone has never fully recovered from the boys incessant searching for the favourite foods of Cutta-nah-nah, Slacka-slash and the talking buttocks that is Cheeksqueek.

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10th February 2014
Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics

mario flagWe've been kindly asked by Nintendo to take part in a 'blogger challenge' to celebrate the launch of Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 for the Wii U.

Mario and challenge in the same sentence? I didn't need asking twice.

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13th December 2014
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Review

sonic boom rise of lyric coverAs a gamer of a certain age the early nineties were a golden era. Legendary characters born, classic titles released, and more pertinently less buttons to press!

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