31st October 2018
Blackpool Illuminations

For us Northerners, Blackpool illuminations is a rite of passage. It's a coming of age moment. Right up there with your first Greggs pasty, chip barms and rickets.

I'll not lie, I had high expectations. So much so I may have bigged it up a little too much.

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22nd March 2012
Car Wash

"Can we go through the car wash?" Sonny asked expectantly.

"Yes, can we?" added Janet.

"Why not!" I replied (it was mothers day after all!?!)

And so began another experience to leave Sonny scarred for the remainder of his life.

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8th September 2013
First Week

Sonny has asked that I write about his first week at school. Luca would also like me to mention his new nursery.

Seriously, you'd think this whole blog revolved around them?

Wednesday was Sonny's first day. It went well, really well. So well in fact I didn't bother sending him in on Thursday.

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14th June 2016
Young Dads Collective

As a 'dad blogger' you know Fathers Day is approaching when your inbox suddenly becomes swamped by Fathers Day gift guides.

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3rd July 2012
Summer Holiday

For two weeks prior to going away we'd been using CBeebies as our blueprint for our summer holiday, little did we know how much had been filmed in Scarborough ... and so began our CBeebies Summer Song pilgrimage!

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26th September 2018
Duinrell Family Park - Canvas Holidays

Which came first, the campsite or the amusement park?

As is often the case, my question fell on deaf ears as we arrived at the fabulous Duinrell Holiday Park in the Netherlands, courtesy of Canvas Holidays.

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29th February 2012
Blue Planet

barry the big bad fishI've never known Sonny and Luca to be so excited; at least not since the recent snow which they assumed meant Santa was on his way back.

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14th November 2014
Feminist dad

When I first became a stay-at-home dad I always intended to write a retrospective post about my experiences. Of how I entered a traditionally mothers environment as the 'minority dad' and came out the other side.

In my head I already knew what I was going to write. How facilities aren't geared towards dads.

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21st October 2016
Paper Mario Color Splash

paper-mario-colour-splash-coverRole-playing and card battle games are genres that have largely past me by, such is my refusal to entertain anything beyond left, right and jump. But as a disciple of all things Mario and a sucker for a kidnapped Princess I'm always prepared to make an exception.

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30th September 2013
Le Marchand d'Etoiles

I recently discovered a fabulous website called YoYo Mom. It's a great resource for kids fashion, giveaways, toys, and interesting links from parents around the world.

They've since asked me if I'd like to join them in announcing the launch of Le Marchand d'Etoiles English online shop.

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