31st October 2017
Blackpool Illuminations

For us Northerners, Blackpool illuminations is a rite of passage. It's a coming of age moment. Right up there with your first Greggs pasty, chip barms and rickets.

I'll not lie, I had high expectations. So much so I may have bigged it up a little too much.

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21st December 2014
Battle for the Fridge Door

I can't draw.

That's not me being modest or defeatist, I set the bar unbelievably low before reaching that conclusion.

If you imagine how low you think I set it, then keep going. Nope, further, further still, a bit more and there it is. Squint and you'll just about see it.

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18th July 2012
Another new playgroup

We've found a great new playgroup that's within walking distance; although I'm not sure we'll be going back.

For once it was Sonny who took the family shame, and Luca and I who brought it upon him.

Everything was going well until a mother made the mistake of making conversation.

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11th May 2012
All things animals...

dinosaur eggIs a dinosaur an animal? Is that as stupid as it sounds? I did ask my font of all knowledge but Sonny either didn't know or thought the question beneath him.

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8th September 2015
Culture, Sport and Sand Sandwiches

posing on the beachI've not blogged over the summer holidays. I'd like to say it was a self-imposed sabbatical, but that would be ignoring the hours sat sobbing in front of a blank screen calculating how many hours it was until school re-opened.

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26th September 2017
Duinrell Family Park - Canvas Holidays

Which came first, the campsite or the amusement park?

As is often the case, my question fell on deaf ears as we arrived at the fabulous Duinrell Holiday Park in the Netherlands, courtesy of Canvas Holidays.

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20th October 2015
Manchester City Stadium Tour

Man-City-Tour-1Were you to ask Sonny and Luca to describe me, their options would be plentiful.

Father, caregiver, storyteller, teeth-brushing inspector, school-on-time deliverer, comic in residence, Mario Kart Grand Master ...

… but you don't need to ask them, because I've done it for you.

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4th November 2016
Middle-aged Spread

Do you remember when this blog used to be about the kids? Nope, me neither.

I should probably just change its name from The Tales of Sonny and Luca to The Miserable Mutterings of a Middle-aged Man and be done with it.

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4th August 2014
Turning Forty

I made it to forty! I know, I'm as surprised as you are.

Looking back it's been a tough few years. I lost my job, my house and for a year or two my marbles, but I've come out the other side blessed with meeting Janet.

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10th February 2013
Bloggers to watch in 2013

I received a lovely email on Friday from 'A New Generation'.....blogging award

It's lovely to appear on a list in such good company. I already love following Rock 'n 'Roll Mum and Man in his Pyjamas. Both are brilliant.

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