31st October 2018
Blackpool Illuminations

For us Northerners, Blackpool illuminations is a rite of passage. It's a coming of age moment. Right up there with your first Greggs pasty, chip barms and rickets.

I'll not lie, I had high expectations. So much so I may have bigged it up a little too much.

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5th September 2013
First Day

So there I was, knelt in the middle of the playground, sacrificing a goat to the God of sanity.

There were tears. Some poignant, others with relief.

The air thick with disinfected corridors and industrial strength perfume.

The paparazzi circled, each clambering for that money shot of their future child star.

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4th November 2016
Middle-aged Spread

Do you remember when this blog used to be about the kids? Nope, me neither.

I should probably just change its name from The Tales of Sonny and Luca to The Miserable Mutterings of a Middle-aged Man and be done with it.

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17th July 2012
A trip to the moon

homemade rocket"Can we fly to the moon please daddy?"

"Yeah, why not!"

My insistence at keeping the cardboard box from our washing machine was met by a look of incredulity from Janet.

"We don't have the space, and you'll never use it!" She said.

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3rd July 2012
Summer Holiday

For two weeks prior to going away we'd been using CBeebies as our blueprint for our summer holiday, little did we know how much had been filmed in Scarborough ... and so began our CBeebies Summer Song pilgrimage!

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26th September 2018
Duinrell Family Park - Canvas Holidays

Which came first, the campsite or the amusement park?

As is often the case, my question fell on deaf ears as we arrived at the fabulous Duinrell Holiday Park in the Netherlands, courtesy of Canvas Holidays.

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17th August 2014
Azteca Hotel Review - Chessington

azteca hotelLast week we were invited to the launch of the new Azteca Hotel at Chessington World of Adventures.

The boys have never stayed in a hotel before, and with Luca having FINALLY broken through the 0.

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15th May 2013
Mia Tui Ascot Bag

mia tui ascot bagI've long been an advocate of the man-bag even before the kids arrived. I've never understood why men insist on squeezing everything into their pockets? I mean, where do they keep their Manscara for a start? Ah, I may have just answered my own question.

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7th July 2015
Yoshi's Woolly World

Yoshi_Woolly_World_CoverIf you were to judge a game by the amount of housework I get done over the subsequent days, then Yoshi's Woolly World scores very highly. Just ask Janet, if you can see her through the dust storm that's engulfed our front room.

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13th July 2014
I aint gettin' on no plane

My recent trip to Paris with the Canvas Bloggers brought back memories of my last trip to France three years ago, particularly as we passed through passport control before boarding the ferry.

You see last time I went to France I nearly didn't get beyond this point, but then why would you if you were suspected of human trafficking?

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