100 Years Young

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The boys Great Grandma turned 100 this week. 100!

The secret to her longevity? No idea, she doesn’t speak a word of English.

I’m hoping it’s watching Dallas box-sets, reruns of Jamie Oliver and her afternoon naps, in which case I’d better start planning for my extended retirement because that’s not too far removed from my lifestyle now.

I suspect it’s more likely to be her healthy living, hard work, regular exercise and a stubbornness to always do things her own way, and who can blame her when she’s chalked up a century of ‘I told you so’s!’

(Happy Birthday Nanny!)

She’s lived a fascinating life. One I can’t do justice to in this post but I’ll hopefully be sharing more via the fab new project of Heather’s (@Betamother) called The Grantidote, which celebrates the enormous impact women have had on the world, told by those who know them. If you’ve not visited the website yet you absolutely should, it’s ace.

She’s fiercely independent. Until very recently she was still washing her own clothes in the bath which makes a mockery of my own laundry grumbles, not to mention the envious eye I cast over our local assisted living flats for the over-55’s (hang in there Mark, only 12 years to go).

A truly amazing woman. Like a Chinese Yoda, as witty as she is wise. And the longer I’ve known Janet, the more similarities I see between them, albeit not so much the wit and wisdom as the finger wagging and harshness of tone.

And even now she’s still ticking items off her bucket list. Just last year, after popping round for fish and chips, she insisted on taking the train home because she’d never been on one before.

She’s an inspiration to us all and thoroughly deserving of all the love and recognition she received on her big day, not least her telegram from the Queen.

And talking of recognition…..

What? These seamless One Show-esque segues don’t write themselves you know.

Do you remember anything I’ve previously said about blogging awards? No? Good, because I’ve been shortlisted for one.

It’s for the Northern Blog Awards hosted by the brilliant WeBlogMCR.

Celebrating bloggers, vloggers, social influencers and content creators from the North of England (I’ll not lie, I only know what one of those is).

Why? Because the North rocks and there’s a reason why on the sixth day God created MANchester. Then, later that evening, she/he knocked up a few other places between Scotland and Stoke that were definitely not an afterthought. Seriously, they weren’t. Not even Grimsby.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. But what award are you up for Mark? Creative Genius? Inspirational Writer? Lifetime achievement to the Arts? Close … Parenting Blogger – Dads.

So if you like what I write, or even if you don’t (I have next to no integrity), please click on the button below and cast your vote. It’s dead easy and I’ll be forever grateful.

And if I win, I’ll thank each and every one of you in my acceptance speech, even if that means chaining myself to the podium and claiming squatters rights.

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  1. Aww, Lovely post Mark!
    Ive cast my vote for you as well.
    I will canvas some support amongst the other parents too
    Good luck!

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  2. What a great post and what an inspirational lady. I hope she had a great day! ? I’ve always said that yours is one of the best blogs out there. You have my vote. Good luck!?

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      Thanks Tracy. She had a fab day. On top of the telegram and card from the Queen, a beautiful bouquet from her local bank. Put the family gifts to shame!

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      Cheers Anthony, need all the help I can get! Times like this when my social awkwardness comes back to haunt me. Didn’t realise you were a fellow Manc, we seem few and far between in the dad blogger circles.

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