40th Birthday Picnic

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I’ve been in a stubborn state of denial about turning forty. I only acknowledged the date in order to insist on no boozy nights out, no “Look who’s 40!” scrawled on a bed sheet and left to litter a local roundabout, and definitely no surprise party!

Thankfully my family saw beyond my grumpiness and arranged a picnic in Lyme Park …


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  1. Happy bday old bean- age is all in the mind *he says as he creaks to get up from his desk for the 16th pee of the morning ;-)*

    1. Haha. Thanks. I’ve been groaning when I stand up since 30 so it’s nice to get to an age where it’s almost appropriate.

  2. I have to know…
    The lady in the 8th pictured down (presume she’s your mum)
    What was going on there?
    She’s laughing her arse off and she has a glass in her hand…one gin too many? 😉

    1. It is my mum and seeing as she may read this I’ll say her chair was on uneven ground and the wine played no part. None. None whatsoever …

      1. *taps nose*
        Say no more!
        My mother toppled off her chair on the ferry crossing to France.
        Whiskey most definitely played a part as it was calm as anything.
        I pretended I was with someone else.. 😀

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