Apple Trixabelles

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Anyone who overheard our ‘discussion’ in the supermarket could have been forgiven for thinking Sonny was just a tad pretentious for a two-year old, albeit with a very sophisticated palette.

“I don’t want scrambled eggs, I want to bake a souffle!” he demanded, while growing in frustration because his foot stamping wasn’t making a sufficiently loud noise.

The truth is I’d been trying to watch the last few minutes of a Masterchef episode whilst trying to convince Sonny it was in fact a new episode of ‘I can Cook’, so I suppose I only have myself to blame.

Eventually we compromised on making some Apple Trixabelles. The name was Sonny’s suggestion as he didn’t like the idea of Apple Dappys (I like to think this is due to his musical snobbery rather than not wanting to bake something Luca could pronounce).

Luckily for every-one’s benefit Luca decided he’d rather have a nap so it fell on Sonny to do the baking.

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