An Edinburgh Adventure

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edinburgh graduationWe found a fabulous deal this year for our summer holiday. A weeks all-inclusive stay at the Yang Apartments in Edinburgh. There was even a holiday club for the boys provided by The Incredible Ben-Presto.

All this and more for the lowly price of their Auntie Jackie’s sanity!

OK, so we stayed with Janet’s sister and nephew in their beautiful Edinburgh abode.

We were only a bus ride from the city centre so were able to spent our days exploring this truly beautiful city.

As we were working to a tight budget we avoided the pricier attractions of the zoo and castle, and instead headed to the museums, of which we were spoilt for choice.

We started with the museum of childhood, tucked away at the top of the Royal Mile. This really was a hidden gem. Room after room of childhood memories, from train tracks and Corgi cars to teddies, board games, and toys that should really make our parents generation take a long hard look at themselves. Seriously, candy cigarettes and pop-guns; what were you thinking?

The following day we headed back into the city for a day at the National Museum. One thing I love about living in Manchester is the museums, but the National Museum of Scotland takes it to a whole new level.

The interactive section is a world of wonderment in itself. With it being term-time the boys were given free reign to explore, press buttons, pull levers, and generally be amazed.

Where the museum truly excels though, in addition to being a beautiful building, is the shear scope of their exhibitions. We explored ancient worlds, distant galaxies, and so much more besides. A day really isn’t enough time to do the museum justice, but with the boys beginning to tire (by which I mean me), we took a leisurely stroll through the streets of Edinburgh before catching our bus home.

graduation edinbughOur trip coincided with Jackie’s graduation from Heriot Watt, which was something we wouldn’t have missed for theĀ free holiday world, so Friday was spent at the University where we were joined by the rest of the Yang clan in Uncle Wai, Auntie May, Uncle Dave, and Elizabeth.

Now I’m not exactly well versed in biblical literature but I’m guessing where they describe hell it must surely make mention of two toddlers in a two hour graduation ceremony. Well, two toddlers and their fidgety father.

So for the benefit of all involved the three of us skipped the ceremony and instead explored the beautiful university grounds, rolling down hills and dispelling the myth that I was once a champion pebble skimmer.

After a lovely day we retired back to the flat for a traditional celebratory Scottish supper of a curry.

With all the family staying in Edinburgh for the weekend we met up again at Linlithgow Palace. We managed to dodge most of the showers, spending the afternoon playing at being Knights and Princesses, climbing turrets, and enjoying a great game of hide and seek.

linlithgow castle

Our final day was spent back in Edinburgh at the Camera Obscura, so much fun. Seeing Sonny and Luca bounce off mirrors in the Mirror Maze was worth the entry fee alone. It capped off what was a fab few days.

Congratulations to Jackie on her graduation, and a massive thank-you for putting up with us for a whole week. I like to think that by dumping ourselves on you and Ben for what must have felt like a lifetime, you’ll now appreciate the serenity of your flat now we’ve left. No honestly, you’re welcome.

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      The 4hr drive home was a particular highlight. We drove at night so the boys would sleep. Janet slept. I had a 4hr game of eye spy. In the dark. Apart from that …

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      There’s not many places I’d consider moving to but Edinburgh is certainly one.
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  1. What a fantastic place, i would love to visit here and we are hoping to one day. I also love museums and these will be going on my to-do-list!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments and sharing

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      Thanks for all the comments. I would reply individually but I’ve broken my blog … again … and it’s not letting me.

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