Blue Planet

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barry the big bad fishI’ve never known Sonny and Luca to be so excited; at least not since the recent snow which they assumed meant Santa was on his way back. Luca was just pleased to be able to practice saying “fish” while Sonny worked on a joke he could tell Big Bad Barry (as everyone knows, fish wont spit out the boats they’ve swallowed unless you make them laugh?!?)

After a lot of deliberation he settled on his modern take on a classic.

“Where do fish keep their money?”

“In Costa Coffee.”

The excitement was such that they were asleep within minutes of getting into the car, which allowed me the bonus of a drive-through coffee without being nagged for a fruit bag. God help me when they realise McDonalds isn’t a greengrocers. Then again, God help them if they ever get invited there for a party and are the only ones sat eating grapes!?! Do kids still go to McDonalds for a party or is that just me showing my age?

We arrived just as ‘Endless Love’ was playing on the radio so there was no way we could get out until after it’d finished. Another lesson I continually fail to learn is that I really should put a little less passion into my singing, or at the very least lower my volume enough so as to hear that Sonny has wound his window down … especially when I’m putting my heart and soul into singing the Diana Ross lines!?! It’s not unusual for people to smile at Sonny and Luca but it does add a little paranoia when I’m not sure whether they were one of the many cars parked next to us during my performance.

We’re slowly building up a play-list of songs the boys like on Radio 2. Endless Love hasn’t made the list (possibly due to the shame it brought upon them) but so far we do have:-
Video killed the Radio Star, Yellow Submarine, Twist and Shout, and Alphabet Street. Every song takes us a little closer to throwing out Mr Tumbles Greatest Hits which can only be a good thing.

It turned out I needn’t have broken Sonny’s legs in order to get him in for free under the maximum height restrictions. In fact Janet would breeze through under the height chart, and even I had to stand on my tiptoes in order to qualify as an adult!

When we eventually made it inside the boys were completely enchanted by the fish … for all of 5 minutes. In the world according to Sonny the sea is awash with inbreeding, it truly is the Lincolnshire of the animal world. Every fish we saw that wasn’t Big Bad Barry was a relative of some description. The sharks were his uncles, smaller fish his children, and anything tropical a distant cousin.

The point I lost control was the underwater tunnel. Why would any attraction see fit to put a Peppa Pig ride at the end of a moving floor? Luca saw the floor as a fast-track to Peppa whilst Sonny saw it as a treadmill, and as such both disappeared in opposite directions! I then spent half an hour chasing them both yet never getting them to meet at the same point. Every time I caught up with Luca I’d have to stand and wait for Sonny to appear around the corner as he paused for breath before he set off away again against flow. When his route was finally blocked by a group in wheelchairs we made it outside to see the otters and play on the pirate ship climbing frame, with Sonny claiming the title of ‘king of the castle’ whilst Luca got demoted to the ‘dirty nappy’.

Overall I was a little disappointed with how much was on offer, and will make sure I have another pair of helping hands before going back, but judging by the boys falling asleep on the way home and Sonny’s insistence on watching Bubble Guppies once there it has to go down as a successful day out.

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