Bruised Ribs & Ego

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Sometimes Sonny and Luca give me a look as if to say¬† ‘who’s the grown-up here?’

Without their disapproving stares I found myself in Asda, at the top of a long straight ramp, with no-one around and a trolley that was asking to be ridden on … and so I set off with my feet firmly lodged on the wheel arches, picking up a little more speed than I’d expected.

With a brick wall fast approaching I made the school-boy error of panicking and dropped my leg as a makeshift brake, only for it to hit the wheel lock mechanism and send the trolley off at a 90 degree angle whilst my body continued forwards.

Slamming against the wall I rebounded into to the path of the trolley which hit my ribs with the force of a Juggernaut (that may be a slight exageration) before sending me sprawling across the floor in a pile of embarrassment and shame.

As if that wasn’t enough, after dusting myself down and hobbling to the carpark I discovered I’d taken the wrong ramp so had to return to the store and past the security guard who’s smug smirk was clearly her way of letting me know she’d watched the whole thing on the CCTV.


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