Attack of the Demon Barber

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I laugh a lot. In 38 years I have yet to find a situation where humour couldn’t be extracted however dark or inappropriate.

Then last Friday morning I found the exception that proves the rule when Sonny came bounding down the stairs. I winced, or maybe it was a recoil. Oblivious to the horror that had befallen his head he looked at me sheepishly,

“What’s wrong daddy?”… read the full post.

Another new playgroup

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We’ve found a great new playgroup that’s within walking distance; although I’m not sure we’ll be going back.

For once it was Sonny who took the family shame, and Luca and I who brought it upon him.

Everything was going well until a mother made the mistake of making conversation. Whilst talking about the benefits of a full nights sleep, in my head I said, ‘that’s why you look so fresh and healthy’, but with biscuit in hand (that’s my genuine defence), it came out as “that’s why you look so fresh and tasty” (to be fair, it was a chocolate Hobnob!)… read the full post.

Parking Rage

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Another day, another battle over a Parent and Toddler (P&T) parking space… I really need to direct my anger in a more productive way.

This morning it was a middle-aged woman who ‘stole’ the only remaining space, and sensing a lack of any child I immediately swung alongside, double checked the backseat, and then as she left the car I slammed my hand on the horn, which if I’m honest, did echo far louder than I’d expected.… read the full post.

All things animals…

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dinosaur eggIs a dinosaur an animal? Is that as stupid as it sounds? I did ask my font of all knowledge but Sonny either didn’t know or thought the question beneath him.

Anyway, granny had bought the boys a dinosaur egg as part of their Easter present and the boys have loved the whole process of watching it hatch and grow.

The instructions suggested it would hatch after 24-48 hours although I was a little worried that having been dropped by granny on her way round I may have some awkward questions to answer should the birth not go to plan.… read the full post.