School Sports Day

Mark Parenting, Popular 2 Comments

I love a good sports day, although I prefer to call it by its proper name, Sky Sports Super Sunday.

School Sports Day on the other hand …

I try to remain enthusiastic. No really, I do. But there comes a point, normally around heat 32 of the sack race, where it starts to wane.

It’s not helped by the egg and spoon race.… read the full post.

The Look

HBReturnity74 Parenting, Popular 6 Comments

It’s been five years in the making but I’ve nailed it. The holy grail of parenting. Finally, I’ve mastered ‘the look’.

I’ve been close for a while. As a grumpy, middle-aged cynic I’ve had the raised brow of indignation for longer than I can remember; that wind changed a long time ago.

For years, my world-weary posture has meant peering over the top of my glasses was never a problem either, I just needed to drop my chin by an inch.… read the full post.

Don’t Judge a Kid by their Costume

Mark Parenting, Popular 27 Comments

A lot has been written about World Book Day, and rightly so.

A celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading. Shared in over one hundred countries. A beautifully uncomplicated premise in an otherwise complicated world.

And yet, like any parade, some people can’t wait to piss on it. The main target of their ire? Dressing up.

Across social media they bemoaned the influence of Disney, bewailed the rise of the Superhero and mourned the death of their own literary heroes.… read the full post.

Sleep. Avoidance or Evasion

Mark Parenting, Popular 6 Comments

I can empathise with HMRC. You start with a basic fundamental principal that relies on the goodwill of all concerned (i.e. Pay. Your. Tax), and before long the less scrupulous are finding ways around it.

So you legislate. You introduce new laws that inevitably get flouted, so you legislate some more. Before you know it, a once simple premise has become 1,400 pages of rules, regulations and amendments.… read the full post.

Out of School Activities

Mark Parenting, Popular 8 Comments

It was a conspiracy of guilt that made me take him.

Firstly I was doorstepped by a Mori pollster who wanted to question me about the out of school activities my boys did. When I said nothing she gave me a look of disgust like she’d just noticed I was naked but for a gimp mask.

Then there was the mum on the school playground who asked if I had their names down on the waiting list for Beavers.… read the full post.