Austerity bites

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I admit I’m guilty of the odd rant. Mostly it remains in my head. Sometimes Janet makes eye contact and immediately wishes she hadn’t. Occasionally it spills over onto Twitter, and rarer still onto my blog.

This one falls into the latter category so I can only apologise, but it’s for good reason.

You see whilst sat amongst a mountain of washing and with housework to be done I decided instead to read Trafford Council’s budget proposal for 2015/16, because my procrastination knows no bounds.… read the full post.

Room 101

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The lovely, and very funny @distressedhwife tagged me in a ‘Room 101’ style meme, and thus highlighted a benefit of social media. You see, within Twitter you can tag and run. Had she asked me in the pub, she’d now be excusing herself to the ladies room before trying to squeeze out of the toilet window in a bid for freedom.… read the full post.

Bin day Streak

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Just in case I have to apply for a job in the future and need to explain my appearance on some council register it’s probably best that I put today’s ‘incident’ on record.

Every Friday when we hear the bin lorry reversing down the road panic ensues as I grab the last bag of rubbish from the kitchen and dash outside.… read the full post.

Parking Rage

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Another day, another battle over a Parent and Toddler (P&T) parking space… I really need to direct my anger in a more productive way.

This morning it was a middle-aged woman who ‘stole’ the only remaining space, and sensing a lack of any child I immediately swung alongside, double checked the backseat, and then as she left the car I slammed my hand on the horn, which if I’m honest, did echo far louder than I’d expected.… read the full post.