New Nintendo 3DS review

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Nintendo have kindly sent me their New Nintendo 3DS to review. It’s called … wait for it … ‘New Nintendo 3DS’.

Unscrupulous eBay sellers are going to have a field day!

I have a theory on the name. There’s two types of Marketing graduate. The Creative ones who go on to work for paint companies and come up with colour names like Anaconda Tears, Grandmas Whisper and Barely Breathing.… read the full post.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

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captain toad treasure tracker coverDespite the Toad Brigade being a mainstay of the Super Mario series they rarely get a lead role, more likely to be seen loitering like lost tourists or offering words of wisdom like wizen weary travellers.

When Captain Toad arrived, laden with a backpack and miners lamp, he could have been forgiven for thinking his time would be short lived. In a world where running and jumping are key his inability to do either didn’t bode well.… read the full post.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Review

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sonic boom rise of lyric coverAs a gamer of a certain age the early nineties were a golden era. Legendary characters born, classic titles released, and more pertinently less buttons to press!

Mario was king but there were plenty of others vying for his crown; and none more so than Sonic.

Fast forward twenty years and time has been far kinder on some than others.

Mario has grown old gracefully.… read the full post.

Hari Ghotra Curry Kit

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hari ghotra spice kitI love cooking. As the stay-at-home parent it offers a rare respite from the post-school squabbles, at least until they discover it doesn’t really take half an hour to prep beans on toast.

That’s not to say we don’t share time in the kitchen. Sonny likes to ask how long dinner will be and regardless of whether I say two minutes or two hours throw himself to the floor like he’s auditioning for the opening credits of Platoon.… read the full post.