Crucial Challenge

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I’ve crossed an electronicals line this week. Twice. Thrice if you include my insistence on using the word electronicals (but lets not).

The first was with my phone. I was trying to take a photo of the kids but no matter how I held it I couldn’t get my finger out of the shot.

After much cursing I discovered it wasn’t my finger in the way but my own face.… read the full post.

Wii Party U Review

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wii u partySonny and I recently had a chat about what he’d like to be when he’s older. Obviously I used the examples of an Astronaut and Prime Minister. I sold the virtues of studying hard, following his dreams, and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

It was a conversation so riddled with clich├ęs it only seemed apt to finish with a rendition of S Club 7’s ‘Reach for the Stars’.… read the full post.

H is for Hummus

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h is for hummusNow I hope you read the title as ‘huh is for Hummus’? Not H, ‘huh’.

Not that I’m bitter but if I have to spell phonetically then it’s only fair that you should too!

You see Sonny is learning to read. Luca is learning his alphabet. I’m learning to spell phonetically. Our house is a confused cacophony of sounds, letters, and headaches.… read the full post.

Le Marchand d’Etoiles

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I recently discovered a fabulous website called YoYo Mom. It’s a great resource for kids fashion, giveaways, toys, and interesting links from parents around the world.

They’ve since asked me if I’d like to join them in announcing the launch of Le Marchand d’Etoiles English online shop.

Le Marchand d’Etoiles is a famous French brand known for their comfortable pyjamas with their emblematic star motifs amongst other designs, a pair of which they kindly sent to Sonny.… read the full post.