Tonka Fire Station

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Tonka have launched a new range of toys under the umbrella of Tonka Town which I’m sure you’ll have seen the adverts for, and they kindly asked if the boys and I would like to review the Fire Station Playset.

It consists of a large Fire Station, Fire Car, and two Fireman characters.

I grew up with Tonka, as a brand it was synonymous with large metal construction vehicles, sturdy enough to knock down actual walls, and my did I try!… read the full post.

Mini Micro Scooters

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Mini Micro scootersI don’t remember having a scooter as a child.

We had what could loosely be described as roller-skates although they were little more than rusty bear traps on wheels. Health and safety consisted of a loose strap across the foot and a parents neglectful shrug of good luck.

We had a wheelbarrow, a wooden sledge that rumour has it helped in the construction of Stonehenge, a tricycle that in reality was a bike with a missing stabilizer, and my favourite of them all, a skateboard.… read the full post.

Miniland Dumpy Transporter

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miniland dumpy transporterAnyone seen our Builder?

He was last seen taking constructive criticism from a two year old.

You see, Luca likes to inspect, as our builder will no doubt testify; if you can find him.

Having our backyard demolished and rebuilt has brought much excitement. Sonny is fascinated by the destruction, Luca, the finer details of bricklaying, and me, well I’ve watched more of the Ashes than I could ever have imagined.… read the full post.


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One thing I’m not short of is craft ideas. Take a look at my browser history and … whoa, what are you doing? I didn’t mean literally, pass me my laptop back! What you’ll find, amongst other things, is a plethora of craft activities I’ve bookmarked for a rainy day.

The problem isn’t the rainy days, by god we have enough of those, but what I don’t ever seem to have is the necessary materials.… read the full post.

Mia Tui Ascot Bag

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mia tui ascot bagI’ve long been an advocate of the man-bag even before the kids arrived. I’ve never understood why men insist on squeezing everything into their pockets? I mean, where do they keep their Manscara for a start? Ah, I may have just answered my own question.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, when Mia Tui asked me if I’d like to review their new Ascot Changing Bag I could have been a little offended.… read the full post.