Manchester Hidden Gems

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Richmond-tea-rooms-6I was recently asked if I’d like to contribute to an infographic on the foodie hidden gems of Manchester. I’ll not lie, my first thought was that I was being mocked.

Me? A stay-at-home dad? Eating out?

My culinary adventures mostly involve hiding in the car, wiping the crumbs of a Greggs pasty from my top lip, because heaven forbid I’m caught eating something that hasn’t first been tampered with by the thieving, grubby mitts of Sonny and Luca.… read the full post.

Are We Nearly There Yet?

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A couple of days before our drive up to Edinburgh ‘someone’ left the keys in the car overnight and drained the battery. I’ll not say who, other than to repeat a phrase I overheard Janet say to the AA man,

“… yeah, he’s a tit!”

That same person also reset the code on the car stereo in the process, a code we don’t have, and so it was that we set off on our five-hour drive in silence, but for the enthusiasm of two kids who didn’t appreciate quite how many minutes five hours equated to.… read the full post.

Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont

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la croix du vieux pontI love everything about France, even if my last trip was memorable for very different reasons. But then who’s not nearly been arrested for human trafficking at some point in their lives? Really, just me?

Well that’s probably best told in a separate post which you can read here.

When I was kindly invited on a press trip by Canvas Holidays to review their Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont site in Berny-Rivière, with a day trip to Disneyland Paris thrown in, I decided against telling the kids where I was going.… read the full post.