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chester zooOn Monday we took a trip to Chester Zoo, and with Janet joining us we invariably arrived half an hour late.

When I first became a stay at home dad we would always be running half an hour late (as my little sister will testify). Even when we aimed to be somewhere half an hour early we’d invariably arrive late … by 30 minutes?
It became so intrinsic that whatever time we planned to meet, my sister would intentionally add half an hour on and still be sat there waiting for us.

I’ve now reduced this to a maximum of 10 minutes, however whenever Janet is involved we revert back to 30 minutes? It was while I was pondering this phenomenon that Sonny solved the riddle. While Janet is ensuring we have everything we need, I naturally fall back to my lazy ways, or as Sonny informed me, I was ‘busy doing nothing!’

One of the greatest benefits of being a stay at home dad is being able to have days out during the week and and as such having places like the zoo to ourselves; and so it was, with the sun shining and clear blue skies we arrived to no queues.

chester zoo

Unlike our last visit when Sonny was too young to appreciate the cost, I mean the animals, this time he was fascinated by everything that moved.

Luca was equally excited although more so by the monorail than the animals. With Janet on hand to stop either of them scaling the fences it allowed me to read the signs and in doing so be in a position to answer Sonny’s relentless questions.

What became apparent from our day was that Sonny’s ability to make-up facts is a trait he’s learned from his mother.

The only difference is that Sonny’s are far more believable.


The best example of this was when Janet told me that elephant dung is used in swimming pools. After a little investigating it turns out elephants throw their dung into their own pool and has absolutely nothing to do with swimming pools whatsoever!

Sonny on the other-hand told me the Rhino looked like a triceratops (?) That may be utter rubbish but I’m growing tired of researching all his facts only to find out he’s right so I’ll just assume there is a passing similarity at the very least?

I’m now starting to wonder where he’s getting his information from, as its obviously not me. My latest theory is that he has a TV in his room, and despite it only being connected to a DVD player I’m thinking his Chinese genes mean he’s somehow managed to wire it up to the Sky+ box downstairs and he’s spending his nights watching the Discovery channel?

Sonny’s lines of the day were,

“Wow! … carry on”, and

“That is soooo cute” (a spider… Really?)

Along with his now stock phrases of,

“Stop fussing daddy”, and

“Don’t panic daddy, I’m fine”, which normally precedes a tearful fall.

It was a wonderful day out, we managed to see everything we’d wanted to, and by mid-afternoon we drove home with the boys (and Janet) snoring away for the entire journey.

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  1. We could do with some of those ‘chinese genes’ here! (presuming it’s ok to be racist if it’s a positive….or will Luca grow up feeling he let his race down if he can’t hard wire the tv to the sky dish??)
    Glad you got your moneys worth at the zoo (no mean feat) and enjoying the subtle adult child relationship gear change, from you knowing everything to Sonny knowing more. Doesn’t normally happen when the child is 2….not sure if that’s a reflection on sonny…or you!
    fee x
    Is it not annoying you that my comment doesn’t fit in the box?

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  2. What…no moderation? Yippeeee, I can say what I want.
    And I see that when published the comment is pleasingly formatted.
    good o.

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      Errrr…. I think you’ll find your comments are still moderated, it’s a sad reflection on society that such moderation is required but what with the casual racist nature of some peoples comments its kind of necessary!?!

  3. I love Chester zoo. In fact Chester generally is lovely.
    And yes Fee is right, I should add on an hour. Though credit where it is due, you have been much better of late. The good thing is that I am never on time, normally late by 10 mins or so, and yet look consistently reliable when meeting you. Think you are the only person I know that gives me that grace!

    1. Post

      I think you’ll find you’re only as reliable as your last meeting, which I think was the playcentre in Warrington where you were so late it was almost a different day!

  4. I cannot believe you put the elephant dung story in! I preferred my giving you directions to the bespectacled bears (spectacle bears). Why do I not have a say in your final edit? Sonny is right though….you better get used to that!

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