Come September…

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A few days ago somebody asked me what I planned to do in September with Sonny at school and Luca in nursery.

I think I mumbled something about finding a part-time job, or at least I hope I did.

Her puzzled and slightly perturbed expression suggested my eyes were saying something altogether different. My eyes spoke of that holy grail for every stay at home parent; a poo in peace.

Now I’ll be honest, I hadn’t really expected September to arrive so soon, if at all.

“I’ll do it in September”, has been my default fob-off for longer than I can remember, it probably even pre-dates the kids.

It was my fail-safe, my ‘never-never’.

So last night whilst in a mild panic, I explained to Janet that to avoid disappointment she should probably read all my September promises as February. She wasn’t surprised, in fact it turns out she’d been expecting this conversation for months. You see, luckily for me our relationship has been built on a foundation of understanding, compromise, and mutual respect.

And so, after dislodging the book from my head which had been thrown with a level of aggression I clearly hadn’t anticipated, we quickly reached that compromise. For September she would now read … September.

That’s not to say I didn’t already have my own plans in place for September. I did. I even have a ‘to-do’ list written. Unfortunately so does Janet. To be fair they’re not a million miles apart, but I’ll leave it for you to decide which list was written by whom.


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  1. You’ve missed eating in peace off your list. Or eating and not having anyone stealing your food. Or eating and being able to chew slowly enough to taste it. Or eating full stop.

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  2. I recognise the 6 you have cherry picked from my list but I’m afraid you missed off at LEAST 5 other important things from which i can think of off the top my head without even trying! Where have they gone?

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