Dyson Challenge

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dyson-challengeAsk Sonny what job he’d like to have when he’s older and he’ll tell you he wants to be a farmer.

I’ve no idea why, he’s as scared of vegetables as he is animals. Throw in a fascination with zombies and I’m worried his idea of a harvest may involve organs?!

Luca wants to be a stay-at-home dad. Part of me is proud that he sees such merit in my current role, although part of me also worries that he just sees it as an opportunity to watch the entire box-set of Breaking Bad when they take a nap. Not that I did that, obviously, what with being so busy doing … err … stuff?

So when we were invited to an event hosted by Dyson and Currys at Manchester Science and Industry Museum, it seemed the perfect opportunity to broaden their horizons.

The idea behind the event was to encourage a younger generation to consider the opportunities available within engineering whilst showcasing some of Dyson’s latest technology in the process.

dyson-challenge-flourNow, Dyson and I have history. History that involves me chasing a then two-year old Sonny across the library after he inadvertently put his hand in one of their turbo powered hand dryers (which you can read about here). But he’s not one to hold a grudge, particularly when offered the chance to throw flour and coffee granules across a makeshift carpet before hoovering it up with a Dyson cordless V6 vacuum, or as Sonny described it, ‘a rocket launcher!’

Also on show was the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum cleaner that self rights itself when toppled over; a claim Sonny was adamant he could disprove, but after umpteen attempts accepted he couldn’t.

dyson-challenge-v6-chordlessBoth of these demonstrated why I’m not an engineer, because when my vacuum cleaner chord isn’t long enough to reach the furthest corner of the room, I just tug on it harder. When it clips a table leg and lies helplessly on its back, wheels in the air, I pretend I didn’t notice. Dyson engineers by comparison recognise the problem and come up with a solution.

And it’s only when talking to the Dyson engineers that you truly appreciated the passion and enthusiasm they have for their work. When one described how he got into engineering, it was as inspiring for me as a forty two year-old attempting a belated change of career as it was for Sonny, who listened intently throughout.

dyson-demonstrationBut for me, the most impressive technology on show was their new Cool Pure Link Tower which looks like something out of the film Tron. What it actually does is heat and cool with purified air, removing 99.95% of allergens and pollutants in the process. And Dyson being Dyson, it does so ridiculously quietly and without blades. It then automatically monitors and reacts to your indoor air quality, reporting back via a smartphone app. Impressive stuff.

After a quick demonstration and chat about the technology involved, and whilst I set about working on how I was going to persuade Janet that I really need a Cool Pure Link Tower in my life, Sonny got busy making and decorating a windmill that he could hold up in the air stream.

dyson-challenge-fanAfter this, and inspired by the Big Ball vacuum cleaner we’d seen earlier, he then made his own egg shaped character, much like a weeble that won’t fall down. Meanwhile, I continued working on how I was going to persuade Janet that I absolutely, definitely, 100% do need a Cool Pure Link Tower in my life.

We then finished what was a fantastic morning with some lunch before heading home, but not before Sonny had one last attempt at kicking over the Big Ball vacuum cleaner. Needless to say he failed.


{Disclosure: This post was produced in association with Dyson and Currys. All words and opinions are honest and my own}

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