Easter Update

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With Easter all but over (at least for anyone not following the school calendar which appears to not only celebrate the return of Jesus but also his week-long after-show party) we’ve returned to normality and with it our blog.

Having not written anything for over a week I assumed I’d have loads of material to use so it was with a cold sweat that I realised I had nothing.
Just as I was about to accept my damaged memory had finally caught up with me I remembered that last week we had their favourite(*) auntie and cousin staying with us in Auntie Jackie and Ben.

*Now I appreciate the ‘favourite’ tag may be controversial and I’ll not pretend its anything but a poor attempt at seeing who actually reads this damn blog, but to avoid anyone’s nose being put out of joint please delete as appropriate …

favourite Auntie … on the Yang side/who lives in Scotland).

Having Jackie and Ben over is like having a live-in Nanny/Au Pair/Cleaner/Children’s Entertainer/Respite Carer.

The phrase of the week was,

“BEEEEEENNNNNN!” whilst excitedly pointing in his face (and that was just from me!)

The boys were spoilt rotten with new books, toys, food and most appreciatively attention!
I was spoilt with peace and quiet, lie-ins, and most appreciatively time to read my paper on the toilet without the incessant cry from downstairs of,

“DADDY! … Open the gate!”

Sonny’s rapid path to being a teenager continues unabeited with his vocabulary now including,

“That’s boring!”

“I’m an expert at falling over!” and,

“I want it NOW!”

Lucas progress continues as ever, concentrating less on words and more with an exaggerated nodding and shaking of his head along with a very annoying habit of standing in the doorway and aggressively refusing to let me leave until he has what he wants.
He’s learnt that Sonny’s barked orders can be treated with the disdain they deserve but possibly most worryingly he’s acquired a taste for licking a book that has a picture of an ice-cream or lolly. I know he’s only 18 months but surely that’s got to be an early sign of idiocy, or as their granny would politically incorrectly say, a ‘simpleton’!?!

Talking of their Granny, as part of their Easter gift she has given the boys a dinosaur egg that will supposedly hatch and grow over the next couple of days. Both are fascinated by this and have spent the best part of yesterday sat expectantly in front of it pointing out the cracks in the shell … cracks that already existed due to their granny dropping it on her way round but I’ve decided to let the boys think otherwise given their dedication to watching its progress.

I’ve already warned her that if we end up with a dead dinosaur embryo its her who’ll be explaining to the boys the cruelty that is nature!

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  1. words fail me….favourite aunt you say? Thank goodness you put in the caveat or me and nelly would be round (to unpimp the yard and make sure the dinosaur dies….)
    (the other Aunt)

  2. I doubt that I’m their favourite auntie, though I’m not complaining, more like they have a positive association of me with their favourite person in Ben!!!

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