First Day

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So there I was, knelt in the middle of the playground, sacrificing a goat to the God of sanity.

There were tears. Some poignant, others with relief.

The air thick with disinfected corridors and industrial strength perfume.

The paparazzi circled, each clambering for that money shot of their future child star.

There was chatter. Lots of chatter.

“They look so young”,

“It only seems like yesterday”

“Courtney, get your finger out of your nose!”

Parents releasing their grip with reluctance, encouragement, reassurance, and an occasional elbow in the back (yep, I saw you!)

Then silence … briefly … broken only by the sound of a disheveled Tyler being dragged across the playground by the hood of his coat.

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      You go to all that effort …

      Sonny had a fab day. After a year of prising him off me for nursery he just wandered in and didn’t look back?

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  1. That made me laugh! Our big day was yesterday.L came home today having not eaten any of the first week treats I put in her packed lunch- sign of a good time if she’s too busy for cake!

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      That is a good sign. My two have expected treats every day for going to school and nursery. I’ll be breaking the news to them that this won’t always be the case … maybe next week.

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