First Week

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Sonny has asked that I write about his first week at school. Luca would also like me to mention his new nursery.

Seriously, you’d think this whole blog revolved around them?

Wednesday was Sonny’s first day. It went well, really well. So well in fact I didn’t bother sending him in on Thursday.

It was a genuine oversight, I’d misunderstood the timetable. It turns out they’d highlighted Wednesday as the first day of term, not the only day?

Look, it was badly worded, alright! And before you jump to judgement I wasn’t the only one. Oh no, there were two of us, or a massive 9% of his class as I prefer to think of it.

Thankfully his teacher was very understanding. On Friday she gave me what she described as an ‘idiots guide’ to his graduals. Now I could have been offended by her inference that I was an idiot but that’s not what she meant. You see her ‘idiots guide’ was what I already had. What she was actually inferring was that I’m something beneath an idiot?

I’ve had many sleepless nights over the thought of Sonny’s transition to school. It was only a week ago that I was prising him off me at nursery. Rarely did a week pass without tears. I needn’t have worried though, he’s truly embraced it. From day one he’s stood in line on the playground and walked in without even the merest of glances back.

He was disappointed when I told him the school was closed on a weekend?

It’s been lovely to hear him start so many sentences with,

“Mrs Rowles says …”

If for no other reason than when he starts a sentence with,

“My daddy says …”, my heart sinks at the thought of what might be about to come out of his mouth.

I had no such worries about Luca’s first day. His morning tantrums were born out of frustration at not being old enough to join his brother at nursery.

And when his day arrived he stayed true to form by shrugging me off at the door and plumping himself down amongst his new classmates.

He has two best friends already. Both are his teachers but to a three-year old these are people in high places. People with influence. People worthy of befriending.

Now I’d love to tell you what they got up to at school and nursery but that’ll have to wait until parents evening.

I did ask them what they’d done with their days.

Sonny’s response,



“I can’t remember”.

You see, for all the big changes in their young lives, some things will forever remain the same.

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      Thanks. It is strange how it’s the only question that ever gets a single word answer. Fab post of yours, not sure the link works without a cut and paste but I’ll try and fix that. Thanks for reading.

  1. Loved reading this! Even though our son is only four months old, I really like reading this sort of thing and seeing what lies ahead.

    If it makes you feel better, my parents once sent me to school a day before the start of term as they’d got mixed up about the dates. It was a weird experience cycling to school on my new bike and not seeing anyone else until a group of teachers heading in for the in-service day winded down the window of their car!

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      Haha. They say they got mixed up with the dates! That has gone in the memory bank for next time I fancy an impromtu few hours extra peace!

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      Our Urmston LG’s are over but we may come back to haunt you elsewhere, possibly Sale if there are places?

      He was most perturbed his nursery weren’t singing Shoo Fly!

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