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My childhood was one big game of hide and seek, or more accurately hide, jump out, and measure your success on the pitch of the ensuing scream. Even at 38 I still feel a sense of anxiety if either of my sisters are in the house and I don’t know exactly where they are at any given time.

I would say it was a guilty pleasure but for the fact neither of them feels even the slightest iota of guilt for hiding under a bed for an hour just to see me scream in terror when I walk in.

Luckily my boys are more traditional in their hide and seek rules, so when Littlewoods kindly sent me a ‘Hide and Seek Scooby Doo’ to review it was met with great excitement by them both.

hide and seek scooby dooThe toy consists of a cuddly Scooby Doo and a handheld remote; the premise being someone hides Scooby before the other receives clues in order to find him. The paw shaped remote gives both verbal clues such as ‘you’re colder than a snowman’ as well as coloured lights to signal when you’re getting closer.

The suggested age is 5+ however both Sonny (3) and Luca (2) have had fun with it.

Luca in particular enjoys playing with the remote, listening intently to Scooby, then treating it no so much as a clue but more a conversation starter (he may have mistaken the remote for a walkie talkie?)

When Sonny’s attention is elsewhere Luca continues playing on his own, both hiding then finding Scooby himself. Maybe a little worrying that he can forget where he’s hidden him so quickly, although no more worrying than my daily hunt for the car keys I suppose?

At first I wasn’t sure how long it would hold their interest but after a couple of weeks it’s still being played with so it’s fair to say the boys would give it a thumbs up.

You can buy the Scooby Doo Collection from Littlewoods.

hide and seek scooby dooAs successful as Scooby Doo was with the boys, the ‘scares’ dished out between my sisters and I haven’t always been so well received.

My little sisters most awkward was at a wedding where she ran ahead to hide in a dark passageway that led from the hotel to the guest bedrooms.

She emerged with her arms raised and her biggest ghoulish scream only to discover I’d let the groom out of the door ahead of me. I fear the poor man may still be suffering nightmares 15 years on.

For all my own successful frights (of which hiding in a suitcase is still my favourite), I’m also not immune to the odd shameful incident. Jumping out from behind a door having not realised it was mirrored wasn’t one of my finest moments. Nothing quite as embarrassing as falling to the floor and shrieking like a toddler courtesy of your own reflection.

I’m trying really hard not to let the boys inherit this questionable idea of what constitutes humour. Unfortunately I fear their Aunties may have other ideas, in which case I should probably put them in training before its too late.


< I was sent the Scooby Doo Hide & Seek for the purposes of reviewing. All content and opinion are my own. >

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  1. ha ha! nothing like a good scare.
    Alfie once hid in my wardrobe for nigh on half an hour til he was sure I’d got myself tucked up into bed. I nearly wee’d and if honest, refused to see the funny side for about a week. (I see now it’s genius)
    I also gave our little sister a good scare at the back door a couple of weeks ago. She gave me full credit. It just doesn’t stop does it??!! fee x
    (that scooby toy looks like fun)

  2. love it, extreme hide and seek, have you thought about pitching it to channel five.

    found your blog via the swan awards, loved your dyson story.

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