I hate half-term!

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When I started our blog the intention was for it to be a diary of our adventures, but the lure of using it as an outlet for a good old whine has proven too strong!

I hate half-term, especially now the local schools have seen fit to spread the misery out over two weeks.

It started on Monday when a trip to the Glo Family never happened because the car-park and surrounding roads were jam-packed with 4x4s full of bored school kids abusing our Playgroups facilities.

Tuesdays trip to a playcentre in Wythenshawe was short-lived when the supposedly ‘under 3s only’ section was plagued by older scroats with unnaturally high levels of distructive disorder, high on E numbers.  Heading to the sanctuary of the library, we lasted only five minutes before being hounded out by more kids who appeared to have been dumped there by their parents as a makeshift classroom.

Surestart normally provides a back-up when short of some cheap entertainment …. apparently only during term time though (they obviously share my dislike of school kids).

Wednesday provided some light relief in so much as Sonny wasn’t feeling himself (he had a headache … in his tummy) so we entertained ourselves with some home-made play-doh and a LOT of playing with the train set.

By Thursday the need to leave the house had returned so in an attempt to embrace the half-term activities put on by the museums we headed into Manchester.  Manchester Art Gallery was packed wall-to-wall with bored children shuffling around the interactive gallery, looking at the ‘out of order’ signs stuck to the exhibits that had probably been working prior to school kids getting their hands on them!

The picnic area resembled an adolescent feeding frenzy so we were forced into eating our sandwiches on a park bench in Chinatown before heading towards the Science and Industry museum.  Another mistake as the place was infected by a plague of frustrated parents with their equally uninterested children queing for over-priced attractions in the drizzle.

My proposal to the council is that during holiday periods the schools should open up their buildings as temporary respite sanctuarys for parents with toddlers.  The alternative is that I have to entertain my children without others help which has already left me reaching for the TV remote in a blind panic!

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