Ice Cream for Breakfast

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‘I Can Cook’ has become a favourite program of ours, although I’m starting to think its favoured for ulterior motives. Regardless of what Katy is making it inspires Sonny into wanting to cook something completely different.  Shepherds pie was interpreted as baking a cake, a Lamb cobbler inspired lolly pops, and fish pie was somehow perceived as biscuits?

I used this mornings episode as a distraction for me to quickly jump in the shower, and despite the episode being a peach tart I wasn’t overly concerned when Sonny shouted up to me that it was ice-cream.

What I didn’t expect when I came down was to find Sonny and Luca sat crossed legged in the middle of the floor with a tub of ice-cream between them, being clawed out with their hands and evidence that a plastic spade had been used previously!

My annoyance was met with,
“Stop fussing daddy, I did tell you!”

After explaining why helping themselves from the freezer was naughty, and returning the ice-cream to the kitchen, I came back in to find Luca sat behind the sofa with another mouthful he’d obviously scooped out with his toy digger?!?


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