Janet’s Birthday

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As a cash-strapped stay-at-home dad it was a relief when for her birthday Janet asked for a Brief History of Time.
brief history of time
In hindsight, and given she was watching a documentary on Stephen Hawking at the time, she probably meant the book but hey ho.

The boys each made a card on the Friday afternoon so the secret only needed keeping for twelve hours. They managed one. Minute.

“Mummy! We’ve got a secret but I’m not allowed to tell you it’s a card we made for your birthday!”

I’d already asked them what they thought mummy might like for a present. Their top three answers were:

1) Warmth.

2) Sleep.

3) Daddy to change the light bulbs in the kitchen.

Proof were it needed that even when staring at screens they still pick up on all the adult conversations around them.

Luca nailed the warmth issue with a pink foot muff. Now who doesn’t want a pig shaped £4.99 itchy foot muff from Quality Save?

They both nailed the sleep. They’d ‘allow’ her a lie-in.

They even woke her at 7am to tell her so, then stood next to her as she enjoyed it. I’m not sure she did.

Thankfully Janet had her own ideas for how to celebrate; a day in Manchester.

We started with lunch at Jamie’s Italian.

I’ll be honest, I had my doubts about taking the kids to a restaurant but they behaved impeccably.

They have a great kids menu, and Sonny even adapted his pretentiousness to match his surroundings.

Seriously, what four-year old asks the waiter if his fruit salad can include pomegranate?

Given it was a birthday meal I didn’t even pull a face when Janet ordered the Lemon Sole special without checking the price first! Although to be fair, as the wage earner she was paying for it.

I went with a burger and chips. Well, you can take the boy out of Burger King but you can’t take the Burger King out of the boy!

We then had a fab afternoon at Manchester Art Gallery where Luca and I skidded on the wooden floors while Janet and Sonny created … something?

The gallery staff were full of praise for his masterpiece. I on the other-hand took it as further proof that modern art is little more than inanimate objects randomly scattered by a four-year old.

As always it was a relief to see them pointing at statues after shouting,

“That man’s got his willy out!”

I’ve really got to revisit the story of The Boy Who Cried Willy!

meeting iron manWe finished with a trip to the toy shop for the boys to spend their gift cards from Christmas, and they even got to meet their hero on the way.

It was a lovely day, and a perfect reminder of how lucky I am to have Janet and the boys.

The light bulbs? Oh c’mon, of course I’ve not changed them yet, it’s not like it was her 40th!

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