LEGO City – 3DS Review

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After reviewing LEGO City Undercover on the Nintendo Wii U, I was asked if I’d also review the 3DS version, LEGO City – The Chase Begins.

As I mentioned on the Wii U review (which you can read here) Sonny and my old DS have previous. Previous that had resulted in me pretending the DS was broken just to regain an iota of his attention. I wasn’t going to make that mistake again, so instead I intended to review it myself.

Being a stay at home dad I struggled to find the time. Janet on the otherhand, what with her relatively part-time 40 hour working week*, was happy to oblige. And besides, I wouldn’t lose her attention in the same way I did with a toddler. Isn’t that right Janet? … Janet? … Hello? … and there we have it, yet another member of the family lost to the lure of Nintendo …

*If she asks, I never said that.

Anyway, here is her review …

Lego City 3DSI’m not a gamer, never have been. I get too frustrated with forgetting which button is to jump, and by the the time I’ve remembered I’ll invariably have been eaten by whatever it was I was supposed to be jumping over.

The last game I played properly was Gauntlet on the Spectrum, which technically I suppose I’m still playing since I never managed to finish it.

Given my gaming history I was more than a little surprised when Mark told me I’d agreed to review LEGO City on the 3DS for him.

I can only assume it was one of those nonchalant nods of acknowledgment you give your spouse when what you really mean is leave me alone, I’m busy with something that has a baring on our real lives. Or maybe I was watching Masterchef? Either way, he persuaded me that such a conversation had indeed occurred, so I took the 3DS, locked myself away for an hour (OK, maybe that should be plural) and started playing the game.

LEGO City introduces you to a rookie cop by the name of Chase McCain. The aim of the game is to complete various tasks around an expansive city, with a storyline that develops as each mission is completed.

Pleasingly the game gently holds your hand through each task which really appealed to me as it’d been so long since I last played video games.

It took me a little while to feel comfortable with the 3D, particularly as I’m short-sighted so have a habit of holding things right up to my face. Initially I struggled to hold the console at the optimum distance meaning I ended up seeing and subsequently hitting every object twice, but hey, twice the fun?

When I did get the hang of it though the pictures really came alive.

My first walk down the street as Chase McCain saw me bump into another character and apologise out loud, much to Marks amusement. Luckily he didn’t see me move my actual body to the side in order to squeeze past them. Who’d have thought 3D could be so realistic? So much so in fact that I may have checked my pockets for change, just in case a Big Issue seller was lurking around the next corner.

With walking mastered I then learnt how to drive one of the many cars available, albeit I always seemed to end up in a slow Dumper truck while watching much faster sports cars overtake me in every direction. I’m blaming this on Luca and his love of construction vehicles, it’s clearly affected me more than I’d realised?

I strangely drove much like I do in real-life (i.e. badly), but with the unexpected bonus of scoring points for crashing into things. The 3DS turns into a Sat Nav at this point, and much like in real-life I continued to drive erratically yet somehow reaching my destination eventually. Driving mastered (kind of).

A couple of hours in and I’ve managed to complete two missions, smashed the living daylights out of every object I came across to retrieve their bricks, and if I’m completely honest I’ve become well and truly hooked.

Like I said before I’ve never been a gamer, but LEGO City on the 3DS could easily be the slippery slope that turns me into one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a wolf to find. In the game obviously … at least I think it’s in the game … wow, this must be why gamers are told to take regular breaks.

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