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Lego City Undercover Wii UFor Christmas I gave Sonny my old Nintendo DS. He’d played with his cousins before and had somehow convinced me it could be educational, helping with his alphabet, namely A, B, X, and Y.

He loved it. A little too much. He insisted on being called Mario, and Luca, Luigi. Fine around the house, less so in the supermarket, especially when I’m answering to Peaches.

It was becoming a little obsessional. I nearly crashed the car after a scream from the back-seat of,

“Daddy, watch out! ….. Lava!”

My solution? Pretend the DS was broken and send it back to the factory for repair. See, this is my new easy-life parenting technique. Always the good cop. The bad cops, a string of imaginary characters that now included Mr Nintendo. Oh, and Janet, obviously.

For a week he was relentless.

“Where’s my DS? Where is this Nintendo factory? Has he fixed it yet? Why hasn’t he fixed it? Ring him, NOW!”

So I did. Often. I would pretend to ring Mr Nintendo to see where he was up to, and then tell him off for taking so long. Such is my lack of adult interaction as a stay at home dad that we even became friends. The calls would last far longer than was necessary. I once shushed the boys so I could hear how Mrs Nintendo’s operation had gone?

A couple of weeks later I received an email asking if I’d like to review the new Nintendo Wii U and their LEGO City Undercover Pack.

So I made one last call to Mr Nintendo and insisted that he send Sonny something by way of an apology for not fixing his DS. Do you see what I did? I scored untold daddy points by pretending to be stern with an imaginary factory boss. Put down in writing I can now see just how pitiful that is.

The Wii U arrived the same weekend as my nephew was visiting, so I asked him if he’d post his own review. This is what he said…

the wii u is an enticing product with its handheld device ,which can be used for playing games and downloading applications .

The wii u is probably more of a 1 player game but consist of good games ,you can use the old wii controls for multiplayer games .

The wii u is a mix between the tablet and the wii ,it is a big control but still little kids can still reach the controls. It’s not for toddlers because they can chuck the control with such force .its a fierce competitor for the video gaming market . Sony and Microsoft will try to improve their products so they can stay with the pace that Nintendo are setting . Ben Yang – Aged 11.

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  1. I blame this console and game for the loss of my family. I live with 5 males and they are all fighting to play this game. It is, in fact, being played right this minute (hence up late on a school night).

    All I can say is I wish I knew the same PR people as you lol.

    Enjoy. Only annoying thing is I have to hear the same bits as each one of them plays the same bit.

    1. Post

      Janet would probably concur with you entirely. I’d ask her but these criminals dressed as clowns won’t arrest themselves …

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