Manchester Hidden Gems

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Richmond-tea-rooms-6I was recently asked if I’d like to contribute to an infographic on the foodie hidden gems of Manchester. I’ll not lie, my first thought was that I was being mocked.

Me? A stay-at-home dad? Eating out?

My culinary adventures mostly involve hiding in the car, wiping the crumbs of a Greggs pasty from my top lip, because heaven forbid I’m caught eating something that hasn’t first been tampered with by the thieving, grubby mitts of Sonny and Luca.

Or my weekly full English breakfast at the local cafĂ© cholestĂ©rol, which, should Janet ask, I’ve not frequented for months. Honestly, I’ve not!

When I declined her offer of a breakfast there a few weeks ago it was because, as she’d suggested, I was watching my waistline. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fear of being greeted by,

“Morning Mark, the usual? WiFi code is the same as yesterday”

Janet on the other hand eats out often, although she’s keen to point out that this is because she has a paying job, and friends, and for reasons I don’t really get, a life beyond the confines of my charmful and witty company?!

Not that I couldn’t easily review the places she eats at, what with the regular succulence-of-steak updates she feels obliged to text me, knowing full well I’m sat at home eating the discarded crusts of a five-year old’s beans on toast.

But every now and then the planets align, a babysitter emerges, and we find ourselves out of the house. Together. Child-free.

And when we do, we eat.

Richmond-tea-rooms-4There were a few places I could have suggested as hidden gems. Crazy Pedro’s serves some of the best pizza and cocktails in Manchester; The Koffee Pot, some of the greatest breakfasts.

But contrary to what Janet would have you believe, as she fills her pockets, bag and quite possibly her cheeks with every breakfast buffet item she can pilfer, man can’t survive on breakfast alone.

So instead, I’ve gone with one of my absolute favourite places in Manchester, The Richmond Tea Rooms.

From its Madhatter, quirky-chic decor, to the fabulously friendly staff, Richmond Tea Rooms serves up a wonderland of cream teas.

Even as a devout coffee drinker, I can’t look beyond the myriad of loose leaf tea’s they offer, any more than I can walk past their amazing cakes without subconsciously choosing twelve.

But for those special occasions, like, I don’t know, it being a Wednesday, go for one of their afternoon teas and try it all! You’ll not be disappointed.


There are other hidden gems in Manchester, as the infographic produced by Millennium Hotels shows, but none quite as wonderful as The Richmond Tea Rooms.

The Richmond Tea Rooms can be found on Richmond Street, The Village, Manchester.



(This is a sponsored post on behalf of Millennium Hotels. All words and opinions are honest and my own.)

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