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Mario Party 10Ain’t no party like a Mario 10 Party!

OK, so there’s Mario Party 9, and the eight prior to that, but how often do I get the chance to reference S Club 7?

The fact I did suggests I’m probably not the target demographic for this game, and as such should probably pass this on to the kids to review …

“It’s great … can I have a biscuit!”

OK, so that doesn’t really constitute a review therefore I’d better add some detail.

Mario Party 10 is a dice-rolling board game that offers three modes of play.

The traditional Mario Party mode, and by far the best, takes a similar form to that of its predecessor, with up to four players sharing a vehicle to travel around one of five courses, the winner being the person with the most stars at the end.


Stars are as much in the hands of the dice-rolling gods as they are won and lost in the 70+ mini-games, but there’s enough variety and surprises along the way to keep things interesting, and the ‘special dice’ add an interesting element of tactics even if the randomness of the final result can sometimes suggest otherwise.

Bowser Party mode adds a new dimension to the Mario Party series by allowing one player to take on the role of Bowser and pit themselves against the other players.


It’s an interesting idea that makes great use of the gamepad, but with only a dozen mini-games, as good as they are, it soon becomes a little repetitive and in truth, promises more than it delivers.

And then there’s Amiibo Party mode, which is more in keeping with a traditional board game. Gone is the shared vehicle, replaced by individual characters like the earlier incarnations of Mario Party, and as the name suggests, utilises the Amiibo figurines.


I still have a problem with Amiibo’s. They feel like something dreamt up by the Marketing Department, thrown at the game developers with a ‘do something with these’ note attached, and as yet no one has grasped what that ‘something’ should be.

In Mario Party 10 it means touching the Amiibo on the gamepad to role the dice. That’s it. To be fair, the kids love it, despite spending more time looking for their Amiibo than they do playing the game.

Personally, I’d be more forgiving of the Amiibo mode if it offered substantially more substance to the game-play. A lot of time can pass with very little happening, and when it does it just feels a little… underwhelming.

In addition to the three game modes there’s also a raft of bonus games that do feel like a genuine bonus, and in the most part are a lot of fun to play, especially the badminton mini-game.

Overall, whilst not being anywhere near a Mario classic there is still a lot of fun to be had. The graphics are as beautiful as you’d expect and it looks and feels every bit a Mario game.

It’s very easy to play, and when the boys nieces and nephews come round it’s the first game they put on.

If my review sounds a little ‘meh’, it’s more because Nintendo have set the bar so ridiculously high for the Mario franchise than because of any particular flaw in this title.


The boys love it, but then again, put ‘Mario’ and ‘party’ in any sentence and you’ve already won their approval.

And I love board games. I’m not suggesting this is the reason I had kids but had I been in charge of filling in their birth certificates this blog might well have been called The Tales of Sonny & Player Three!

So as a family game, particularly if that includes young children, this is still one I’d highly recommend buying.

Personally I’d score it 6/10. The boys gave it 8/10. Neither of us would argue with a compromise of 7.

{I was sent this game for the purposes of reviewing. All words and opinions are my own}

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  1. Haha, The Mario Party franchise is almost as crowded as the Tony Hawk franchise. Many years ago I literally tore the skin off my hand playing Mario Party… I don’t even remember why now. Usually the random element of the games just aggravated my hyper competitive nature and I ended up walking out of my friends house one night after losing and driving off. Serious Business!

    1. Post

      Haha, I had a few tantrums like that over Mario Kart. And the Nintendo thumb that I’m convinced is going leave me arthritic any time now. I’d love to think they won’t be as competitive as I was … so far they’re looking every bit.

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