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mia tui ascot bagI’ve long been an advocate of the man-bag even before the kids arrived. I’ve never understood why men insist on squeezing everything into their pockets? I mean, where do they keep their Manscara for a start? Ah, I may have just answered my own question.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, when Mia Tui asked me if I’d like to review their new Ascot Changing Bag I could have been a little offended. Were they assuming that just because I was a man I’d still be using the black and grey change bag you get free when your little ‘un is born? I could have been offended had it not been true. Of course I was, I’m a man. And besides, what alternatives are there for dads?

How much do I love my new bag? Well, my little sister answered that when she said to me for the umpteenth time,

“You must have a pocket for that?”

That’s right, she was mocking me. Mocking me and my new bag. I would have picked up on her sarcasm far sooner had the answer to each question not been an emphatic,

“Yes, yes there is!”

You see, ignoring her blatant jealousy for a minute, there really is a lot of pockets, including a removable clear zipped pouch. There are two zipped pockets on the outside which are perfect for your mobile phone and keys etc, and the inside is seperated into four sections, one of which is insulated for a drinks bottle.

The overall quality of the bag is really good, and it’s clearly been designed by a parent for a parent.

inside mia tui ascot bagApparently it will also carry a laptop. I’ll have to take their word for this as since having toddlers I no longer own a fully functioning laptop. Not unless you include the one with jammy toast in the disk drive and more keys missing than are still attached.

It measures 30cm (h) by 15cm (w) by 35cm (h).

It’s available in Brown faux leather and Grey Canvas, and retails at £48.


You can find more info by visiting their website at www.miatui.com


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  1. Glad to see you have already designated compartments for your necessities. Although, I did notice it was in no logical order – mobile phone in the outer pocket? No, No, No surely this should be kept in the breast pocket of your suit jacket at all times…

  2. It looks ace and I’m happy to admit that I envy your awesome new man-bag. Especially as they asked me to review one too and seem to have forgotten to send it. *Sobs*

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