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Mini Micro scootersI don’t remember having a scooter as a child.

We had what could loosely be described as roller-skates although they were little more than rusty bear traps on wheels. Health and safety consisted of a loose strap across the foot and a parents neglectful shrug of good luck.

We had a wheelbarrow, a wooden sledge that rumour has it helped in the construction of Stonehenge, a tricycle that in reality was a bike with a missing stabilizer, and my favourite of them all, a skateboard.

Back in the day I was a champion skateboarder in all but honours. I was fast. Very fast. The skate-parks of New York beckoned, I was ready to take on the world, until one fateful morning in 1981 when my fledgling career came to an abrupt halt.

There I stood atop the steepest hill on our cul-de-sac. My helmet was on, I’d adjusted my elbow and knee pads, the crowd were chanting my name, I was ready to go, and then …

“Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark …. Mark, I think you’re meant to stand up on it!”

What, really? You’re kidding me? It’s a lump of moulded plastic on wheels, you’d have to be crazy to stand on this thing! And with that I hung up my helmet, never to be worn again.

I never truly gave up on the dream though. I might never again hit those dizzy heights of Holland Road circa 1980 but I now have two children of my own, and what are kids for if it’s not to abuse their youthful enthusiasm in pursuit of your own broken dreams?

I realise that’s wrong, and obviously I wouldn’t really do that to them. For a start how would I teach them the technique needed to stand up? But a scooter …..

So when the wonderful people of asked if Sonny and Luca would like to test out their Mini Scooters how could I say no?

Now judging by the school run, where crazy out of control children on 2×2’s have superseded the crazy out of control parents in their 4×4’s, I realise I’m probably preaching to the converted here, but scooters are brilliant!

The Mini Micro Scooters are everywhere, you’ll no doubt have seen them, and they’re popular for very good reason.

These Micro Scooters are light-weight and really well constructed. They have an anodised steering column making them more chip resistant, robust wheels that are puncture free, and a tilt and lean steering system. In Sonny’s case this means going round in circles or homing in on a lamp-post but give him time.

mini micro scooterSonny went for the Mini Micro which is suitable for 3-5 year old’s.

There’s a sturdy break on the back wheel for that afterthought when you’ve just ploughed into a crowd of gossiping parents, and they come in a very cool range of colours.

It even has mushy’s, which will only mean something to you if you owned a BMX in the 90’s. For those of you that didn’t, they’re soft rubber grips on the handlebars.

3 in 1 micro scooterBut it doesn’t stop there. Oh no, Luca chose the ‘3 in 1 Seat’ model. This isn’t just a scooter, this comes with, well, a seat … obviously! I know, genius!

The three stages are:-

A ride on scooter with adjustable seat settings (ages 1-2)

A toddler scooter with chunky handlebar (ages 2-3)

A mini micro scooter with traditional T-bar handlebar (ages 3-5)

That’s everything included in one package, and a really reasonable price too.

Now I have no idea how, but the seat is amazingly sturdy, and it was a great way for Luca to gain confidence in the steering before attempting to scoot standing up.

For the purpose of a balanced review I should really find something negative to say but I genuinely can’t think of anything, other than my cries of,

“Wait for Daddy!”

have steadily become more high-pitched and panicky, such is the speed they’re now clocking up.

They also sell adult scooters. I’ve thought about it, I really have, but then I had flashbacks to my skateboarding shame and decided against it.

If you’re wondering which scooter is right for your 3-year-old, then I would definitely recommend the 3in1 Mini Micro Scooter.

For 4-5 year old’s then I’d suggest going for the Mini Micro.

Either way I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

You can find more information via their website at

And finally …

Some other ‘stuff’ about Micro Scooters you may be interested in.

Scoot Safe – A comprehensive scheme teaching children how to scoot safely. Offering training to schools as well as the opportunity for parents to download the material for free and teach them at home. Visit …

Scooter Aid – They are asking for donations of old/unwanted/unused Micro Scooters to this scheme. They’ll repair/revamp the scooters and send them to good causes in the UK & Africa. Details at …

Micro Adventures – A one-stop shop for all things scooter. Find places to scoot near you, get inspiration and ideas on games to play on your scooter as well as tips and tricks on how to decorate it. Visit …

{I was sent both scooters free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are honest and my own.}

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  1. Love these. We’ve only had to replace the brake and also steering springs after 3 years of hardcore use from my 5-yr-old. Now littleTom (not even 2 years) is whizzing round the playground on it at school pick-up time. Probs very un-health-and-safety without a helmet and having more speed than sense. Ah well, he’s getting a balance-bike for his birthday next week….

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  2. My youngest can sympathise with your skateboarding, he was most disappointed when I told him he needed to stand up on his scooter!

    Love your reviews Mark, always make me laugh. These will be the girls christmas list I think, they look ace.

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      Hi Sally. Standing up on anything that moves gives me flashbacks.

      You could buy yourself an adult scooter to keep up with the girls? …. thought not 😉

  3. They are very smart kind a wish my kids had had those. They have the normal ones with 2 wheels and my nerves do not like that…. But they both been fine riding them since they were 2 years old. I would have prefered 3 wheels but never knew they excisted and now the diglots are way to big. The little man jumps on his skateboard and his scooter and would love to go down stairs on them. That’s not happening… a least not while I’m watching.

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      I’ve caught my two trying to take their scooters upstairs. I’m hoping they see the landing as a clear run but I wouldn’t put it past them that they’re eyeing up the stairs themselves for some kind of stunt.

      We used to go down the stairs on trays, I can only assume thry weren’t as steep as these, you’d have to be a kamikaze!

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