Miniland Dumpy Transporter

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miniland dumpy transporterAnyone seen our Builder?

He was last seen taking constructive criticism from a two year old.

You see, Luca likes to inspect, as our builder will no doubt testify; if you can find him.

Having our backyard demolished and rebuilt has brought much excitement. Sonny is fascinated by the destruction, Luca, the finer details of bricklaying, and me, well I’ve watched more of the Ashes than I could ever have imagined.

It’s been good for the boys to see true tradesmen at work, as opposed to my cack-handed DIY. My toolbox consists of a screwdriver, a plastic Bob the Builder hammer, and a selection of choice words that I can only hope never get repeated at Nursery. Actually, that’s not strictly true, the screwdriver is Janet’s. I can turn the simplest of tasks, such of changing the toilet seat, into a project on par with the HS2 Rail Link, and with an estimated completion date to match.

Then there’s the cavernous holes I dug out of the wall when trying to fit a stair-gate. Holes so deep you can feel the breeze from our neighbour passing wind. The actual gate itself has been left standing (leaning), purely as a monument to my inadequacies, and a reminder to Janet that if she ever wants something doing properly…

The downside to having a building site for a garden is we’ve been largely consigned to the house. Annoying given the glorious weather we’ve had, but even more so as we were kindly sent a Dumpy Transporter from the Miniland Educational range of DKL Marketing for road testing. With the builders politely declining the boys offer of help for the umpteenth time we instead decided to bring the construction site indoors.

The toy consists of a transporter with adjustable ramp, a digger, and a dumper truck. All brightly coloured and made of a very durable plastic that even my boys couldn’t break. It passed the obligatory fall/push down the stairs with flying colours.

Our building materials were anything we could find around the house, from LEGO bricks and Jenga planks to spaghetti logs and raisin rubble.

It’s been a big hit with the boys. Nothing gets moved around the room now without first being picked up by the digger, transferred onto the dumper truck, and off-loaded elsewhere. Which is fine when it’s a Duplo brick, less so when I find him returning his beaker of milk to the kitchen, less the actual beaker. They’ve even worked as a team, constructing roads, walls, and grape mountains, and with each delivery being methodically counted on and off by Luca. All he’s missing is a hi-vis vest and a clipboard.

The overall quality is very good, and a big plus point is the fact they can be played with anywhere, we’ve even had them in the bath.

All we need now is for the builders to put our garden back together and we can get them outside in the sandpit. That’s providing the work gets signed off by the Building Inspector, and Luca is proving a very hard man to please. It would also speed things along if the builder returned from the lunch break he took last Thursday.

miniland dumpy transporter


The Miniland Dumpy Transporter retails for around £26, and is available from Arc Education.

* We were sent the Transporter from DKL Marketing Ltd for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and the wording my own.


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