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One of the greatest joys of being a stay at home dad is being able to take a step back, and providing I don’t stand on a piece of LEGO, taking a second to appreciate just how much the boys learn each and every day. It’s a ridiculous and frightening amount.

Only a second though. I never ponder anything longer than a second. Last time I did that Luca discovered a leap of faith from the sofa requires my full attention if he expects to be caught.

I often worry about whether I’ve taken full advantage of this period of enlightenment. They know the name of every character from Lego Star Wars but this could have been the periodic table. What if they develop a love of Shakespeare only to discover the part of their brain earmarked for this has already been filled by the Kylie medley we spent an entire afternoon learning?

It’s so easy to take for granted all the small moments of wonderment that punctuate their day. Easier still to forget that so much of what they experience is being experienced for the first time.

Take today for example, thanks to an involuntary snort Luca discovered that he can indeed snort. Sonny learnt that he can get all his toes into his mouth, but disappointingly not his nose. They both learnt that when I say ‘I won’t ask you again’ quite clearly I will.

They’ve also learnt to ride their scooters this week, which were kindly sent to us by Argos to road test and review.

I had visions of that misty eyed moment when you release your grip and they cycle off into the distance unaware that you’ve let go. It was a lot like that. No honestly, it was! What? That over-weight, middle-aged man you saw, sweating profusely and crying out ‘STOP’ whilst being dragged along behind two over-eager toddlers? Nope, no idea who that was!


They both love their scooters and a trip to the park now has a whole new element of fun involved.

And it’s not just the boys who are learning. I admit it, I made the schoolboy error of letting them ride their scooters to the park on the first occasion. Yep, I know, I foolishly didn’t think about the walk home afterwards. Juggling two tired toddlers, two scooters and a buggy is a skill I’ve yet to master! The clue was the info sheet on both scooters that said they could easily fit in the boot of a car, which they do.

tidlo scooter

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  1. these look fab! just think of your arm workout you will have juggling the children, scooters and pushchair!

    Is all this scooting wearing them out?

    Thanks for linking up with #activefamily

  2. I love the look of those scooters. What fun! Regret I’ve also been a victim of the post-scoot-walk-home-arm-ache. I’d love to say “you only do it once!” but sadly that’s not true!! I never seem to learn! Great to have found you via #activefamily. x

    1. Post

      I’ve already succumbed to their pestering and walked to the park again. Clearly I’ll never learn.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, really appreciated.

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