Olympic Fever

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olympic games 2012 Olympic fever has well and truly hit the Bryce-Yang household and this week sees the launch of our own Urmston 2012 Olympic games.

Now I’ve checked the LOCOG fun police handbook and it’s fair to say we are clearly in breach of almost every copyright infringement going, but in the true Olympic spirit we’ve decided to take on Lord Coe and his cronies, and if they don’t like it they can stick it up a ring of their own choosing (surely I can’t be the only person that finds Seb creepy, smug, and untrustworthy?)

Preparations are well under way.  The medal table is under construction and is set to be our new rewards chart, and we’ve dealt swiftly with our own security concerns by entrusting the safe keeping of our medals to the local sweet shop.

The full program of events remains under discussion although we’re trying to make sure there’s a link to each sport however tenuous.  Our favourites so far are eating their five a day for the Pentathlon (see what Ben did there), and tidying the front room for the Marathon.  Trying new foods as the Weight Lifting shows just how tenuous I’m prepared to go (makes them big and strong, obviously?)

Any suggestions for a sporting link to getting their hair cut would be greatly appreciated!

We’re sticking with the official music for the medal ceremony’s as it’s a typically brilliant and over the top song by Muse (if you’ve not heard it yet get on YouTube, hopefully this link still works) however just because we can, we’ve also chosen our own unofficial games anthem, plumping for the fantastic euro-pop treat that was the ‘Going for Gold’ theme tune from the eighties (which you can find by clicking here)… feel free to sing along, you know you want to…

“The heat is on, the time is right, the time for you, for you to play your game.

People are coming, everyone’s trying, trying to be the best that they can ’cause they’re going for, going for gold!”

Team SB and LB are in full training, currently throwing themselves around the floor before rising with arms aloft for the gymnastics.

Bens enthusiasm is still just about infectious as he forces, I mean shares with us the Top 50 Greatest Olympic Moments (watched three times), the Top 20 Olympians (twice), the Top 20 Team GB Moments, the Top 20 Team GB disappointments (could easily have been the same program), along with every Olympic preview available from channels I didn’t even know we had.  I’m not suggesting it’s becoming monotonous but I have now watched Coe and Ovett pick up at least a dozen medals each, and if I have to see that American fella bang his head off that diving board one more time I’m likely to throw myself off something far higher.

greco roman wrestling

Clearly the whole point of all this is to immerse the boys in this wonderful event, or if I’m being completely honest, it’s a pitiful attempt at trying to persuade the boys that they’d rather watch the qualifying rounds of the Greco-Roman Wrestling with Ben and I rather than the usual Rhyme Rocket or Lingo Show.  Only time will tell if it actually works?

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  1. Love it. Can’t believe you didn’t mention ping pong anywhere there though? You don’t normally miss the opportunity for some racial stereotyping…

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