Our day at the National Media Museum

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It was Sonny’s day to choose where we went and after some Derren Brown-esque mind tricks I steered him away from Africa and London Bridge before he settled on a museum, on his proviso that it was a new one.

I know, negotiating with a two year old doesn’t bode well for the future but Ive convinced myself its a lesson in compromise, who for I’m not sure but a compromise all the same.

The ‘new’ condition narrowed down our options and given the choice of the Hat Museum or the Media Museum unsurprisingly he went with the latter.

Having recently mastered the early start, by 9.30 we were

washed, dressed, fed, and with the car loaded up (or so I thought) we we’re on our way.

Now I know I have history when it comes to forgetting things, but this was my worst effort by far. Parking a fair walk away from the museum to save myself a piddly 80p on parking I realised the boys coats were still on the sofa at home … and the change bag … and our lunch … oh, and half the buggy!

With Sonny wearing/tripping up in my jacket, and Luca swaddled in a picnic blanket we set off through the centre of Bradford via Tesco for emergency nappies and wipes, with me in just my short sleeved t-shirt resembling some sort of child snatcher.

It turned out to be one of our nicest days out in a long time. I don’t know what’s come over Sonny recently but he’s gone from being painfully shy to talking to anyone who mistakenly makes eye contact with him.

Anyone who shares our lift gets a rundown on what we’ve seen and which floor we’re going to next. When I was paying for our lunch he’d wandered off to find a table, and when I arrived he’d pulled his chair up to some students to tell them what he was having for lunch and asking them if they were OK?!?

He now refers to Janet and I as “you two”, Luca is “my little brother”, and any request to change his nappy is met by “I’m just busy at the moment thank-you”.

Its become so much easier now that Luca has found his balance, which has also made him offer far more interest to Sonny, who loves nothing more than chasing him around and jumping out to scare him at every opportunity.  If my experiences with my sisters are anything to go by its only going to come back to haunt him but will he be told?

After a brief walk around the Animation and Camera exhibits we came across the Magic Factory where Luca was set free from his buggy and spent a good hour running in the opposite direction to me, and pushing every button he could reach.

Before we left there was just enough time for Sonny to wander onto the set of a student film project, stroll across a green screen being used by another set of students, and chase a laughing Luca through the sound studio while they were attempting to dub the film Sonny had already made his guest appearance on.  Not wanting to be left out, Luca made his own final cry for attention by repeatedly pressing the alarm button in the lift, which I did try to explain to the security guard that met us at the ground floor was ridiculously low down on the control pad although he failed to see the funny side.


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