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Not the response I expected after his first full morning at nursery, but understandable all the same.

“Why did you leave me?”

A small crowd of toddlers gathered, eager to hear my justification as if I were the spokesman for parents everywhere.

“Because this is your lovely new nursery.”

It sounded like the pre-prepared statement it indeed was.

“I don’t love nursery!”

There was as collective intake of breath. A few of the activists took a step back allowing the militant wing of this Toddler Trade Union to step forward, Duplo missiles in hand.

I won’t lie, it was tense. There I stood, in the middle of the playground, bereft of any meaningful support. I turned to Luca. The turncoat had only gone and switched allegiance and was now at the back of the baying crowd, muttering unhelpful grunts in support of his new found brotherhood. Clearly an incitement to riot if ever there was one.

Enter Sam, Union Spokesman, Teacher, and chief negotiator.

“We’ve had fun Sonny haven’t we?”

The mob dispersed back to the sandpit. Sonny gave him a high-five, gave me a look that said ‘this isn’t over old man’, and cockily strode to the door saluting his comrades en-route.

“So what did you do today?” I asked in the car.


“What did you have for lunch?”

“Ham and dry bread.”

“Did you make some new friends?”

“Stop talking Daddy, I’m trying to listen to the radio!”

The radio wasn’t on.

His ‘day report’ told me he’d eaten a cheese, ham, and caramelised onion Ciabatta pizza.

He’d made ice-cream, played in the sandpit, read books, drawn pictures, made friends, and quite clearly had lots of fun.

This morning I suggested we could go to the Dinosaur Museum.

“Are you sure we’re going to the museum?”

His suspicions were warranted. In order to persuade him to leave the house for Nursery I’d maybe suggested we were going to the park. In my defence we did indeed go to the park that afternoon, but I suppose the lesson in all of this is that honesty truly is the best policy. A lesson I hope the nursery will teach him as quite clearly I’m too much of a coward to hold such virtues.

For the record, we are off to the museum today.
It’s nursery again tomorrow but sshhh, he doesnt need to know this for at least 24 hours.

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  1. Ahhh bless. It’s such a wrench for both parent and child. Was P’s first day of big school today. I am HOME ALONE. Rather not be though so we are going to a castle straight after big school to feed the ducks and eat cake.

    Mark replied …..

    Hope you had fun. I’m so soft, even though he had fun my guilt still bought him an ice-lolly on the way home, a precedent I’m sure to regret!

  2. The little man asked me to stay at nursery with him this morning. When I said no, that I had to go, the look I got was just so blaming…. he was of course fine and happy…. I felt horrible all morning!

    Mark replied …

    I didn’t help myself, when he suggested I could wait downstairs for him I chose not to profess otherwise.

  3. I love ‘stop talking Daddy’. If anyone was going to join the toddler trade union it was Sonny.
    Quit the lolly buying though….rod/back! fee x

    Mark replied …

    I knew it was wrong when I bought it. I’m struggling to get him out of the house this morning and biting my tongue … I need a healthy inducement and a Banana isn’t cutting it?

  4. Yep I did my first, “if you go in your car seat you can have rice crispies when we get home” the other evening after a long day at work and one tired toddler came out of nursery. Could hear myself say it and the scorn I would have placed on me prior to having children. I confessed to Gaz, wrong move the scorn flowed freely. So my advice, do what you need to do, keep your head down and def do not tell the other parent
    Very funny post by the way xxx

    Mark replied …

    I’ve promised a new hot-wheels track for wearing big boy pants and a tear-free day tomorrow. I’m not proud. Some reward for one days good behaviour… that’s where I’ve arrived … already!

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