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I thought I’d found a healthy balance over how much time the boys were spending in front of the TV; that was until on our last trip to the moon we appeared to have developed our own theme tune, not too dissimilar to the advert (replace the word pig with trip and you have the idea!)

Another favourite advert is one for play-doh, so after repeatedly being asked for some I decided we’d make our own.

I don’t think they were expecting me to get out a pan and some ingredients (judging by the fact Sonny was putting his scarf on and Luca was stood at the front door), however their initial look of disappointment was quickly erased when I suggested they could help me ‘cook’ it.  I did feel a little guilty when I likened it to asking for a scalextrix only to wake up on Christmas morning to some badly painted roads on cardboard; then I remembered they were both too young to remember today when older so the guilt was short-lived.

Despite Sonny’s aggressive stirring and Lucas tendency to eat the ingredients, it did actually still work.

Im not sure what the daily recommended intake of salt is, and when I googled it it didn’t give any measurements in play-doh weight but it turns out the foam emanating from Lucas mouth tasted great on chips!


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