Potty Training Success!

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With the cost of nappies making a serious dent in our weekly budget, and after being told Sonny must be toilet trained before I can dump, I mean provide him with some quality time at nursery, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks introducing him to the potty. He took to it immediately … as a seat on which to read his maps. That suggests he’s a child genius of a *cartographer which is a slight exaggeration; he just likes reading a treasure map I drew (badly) as he decides where we are going that day.

*and yes, I did have to Google the correct term for a map reader!

It is however with a sense of fatherly pride every time he puts a book under his arm before telling me he’s off to the toilet … that’s my boy!

Then last night we had our first success. After reading my newspaper (albeit upside down, but that still qualifies him as a Guardian reader) whilst perched on his potty, he rose up and proudly announced,

“I’ve had a wee!”

I’m ignoring the fact that when I told him he now needed to wash his hands he chose to do so in the same potty; a success is a success!

As a treat for using the potty I promised him a secret surprise in the morning. Unfortunately he remembered this promise this morning so I gave him the option of Chester Zoo or Blue Planet.

Despite describing the zoo with more enthusiasm than the aquarium, as soon as he made the connection between an aquarium and fish which meant he could see ‘Big Bad Barry’ (the biggest fish in the world according to Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom) the decision was taken … we’re off to Blue Planet.

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  1. Yay! Go Sonny. Decided to try the potty training with Daisy too – as supernanny says it can be done in a week – but 18 pairs of pants in less than 48hrs and not even near to grasping the concept, it’s back to nappies we go for another month or so!!! Hope all’s good with you, Janet, Sonny and Luca. Xx

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