Reasons to be grateful

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photo of luca black and whiteThis photo is so much more than the innocent face it depicts.

It was a beautiful winters day in early 2011 when we met up with my whole family in Lyme Park for an afternoon stroll. Little did I know I was on the brink of a complete breakdown.

A seemingly endless stream of stresses and trauma over the preceding months had left me struggling to cope, and not long afterwards I had my final meltdown into mental illness.

At my lowest ebb this photo has been the one constant reminder of how lucky I am. Lucky to have such wonderful children. Lucky to have such a beautiful partner. Lucky to have such an amazing family.

This photo was on my computer. It was on my phone, and in my wallet. When I looked at this photo I saw more than just Luca. I saw everyone I hold so dear, and everyone whose love I’ll forever be indebted to for supporting me back to health.

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  1. Beautiful photo! I always have something of my children’s on me, even if it’s just a scrap of paper with an indecipherable scrawl on it. Then at low points in the day I get it out and, like you say, remember how lucky I am.

    Mark replied…

  2. it’s also a GOOD photo (even if I’M a little but biased!! LOVE that little eskimo baby. Your (amazing!) family hold YOU dear and will always, always be there for you. fee x

  3. I love that baby eskimo picture man. Beautifully honest and a good reflection on how far you have come since then (important to stop and acknowledge that I think).
    Love you, your wonderful boys and gorgeous partner xxx

  4. wow – love your blog – such a fantastic design – you are very talented! and love your photo and post ‘reasons to be grateful’. It’s amazing how just by looking at our children, we can be given so much hope. x

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