Science Lessons

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Monday saw the return of our science lessons, or if I’m honest, an excuse to visit the Science & Industry Museum.

Sonny’s tantrums have slowly gone from traumatic, through being funny, and are now at the stage of just being damn annoying. Even Luca has stopped finding his hissy-fits amusing and rather than stand over him chewing on his imaginary gum as he used to do, he now just gives him a look of disdain before following me out of the room. Today’s episode revolved around getting dressed, his Weetabix being ‘broken’, and Luca daring to enter the room, before culminating in a point-blank refusal to put his coat on.

This put pay to our original planned 9:40am train, the 10:10, and then when we missed the 10:40 train I lost the plot and made out I was going with Luca and he could stay at home. After ten long minutes of trying to persuade Luca to keep quiet as we hid in the kitchen he eventually came strolling through with Luca’s coat under his arm before mocking me with

“Luca can’t go out without his coat daddy, it’s too cold!”

It’s also impossible to stay angry with him when he comes out with lines like,
“Sorry for making you sad daddy, can I wear my coat please?”
He’s got me wrapped around his little finger and he knows it!

Luckily are belated departure meant we could meet up with Janet for lunch at the train station as well as have our regular walk through Chinatown, buying the obligatory custard bun and egg tart.

We hadn’t been to MOSI since before Christmas, and with the new  ‘Experiment’ floor now fully open there was a whole new range of buttons to press, levers to pull, and in Luca’s case wooden balls to throw around the floor rather than dropping them in the tubes as was meant. There were eight balls when we arrived; by the time we left we could only find one, and we found that by accident after he’d hidden it in the buggy. No doubt the other seven will turn up, probably in an injury claim when someone steps on them but what can you do?

I’m not sure what we learned, other than Luca can ‘cock a deaf ‘un’ just like his mother when it suits, and that Sonny is worryingly addicted to flashing lights and fruit machine noises … I’ve no idea where that comes from *ahem*?!?

When we left there were beautiful blue skies and as we passed the Hilton, the moon appeared to be resting on top of the tower. Now not only does Sonny keep asking if we can go to the moon, but when I suggest we build a space rocket he tells me,

“Don’t be silly daddy, we can just get the lift!”


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