Sharing … Part 2

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Some months ago I began the seemingly impossible mission of teaching the boys about the virtues of sharing and compromise, much to the ridicule of everyone I told.  Well, who’s laughing now … OK so its certainly not Luca as his last ounce of faith in human kindness has been lost forever … along with twelve cars, three trains, two dinosaurs, and his last slice of toast!

It all started so positively as I returned from the kitchen this morning.

“Luca, can I play with your toys please?”

“No no no no no!” was Lucas initial response, obviously still suspicious from Sonny Todds previous dodgy deals.

“I love you Luca. Shall we share the toys?”

“No no no no no!”

“Luca, would you like to swap your toys for a box of raisins? You love raisins don’t you Luca!”

As I secretly watched from the hallway I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of pride as Luca (albeit hesitantly) passed Sonny car after car, with each pass-over being met with a suspiciously polite thank-you. After all the cars had been hidden away out of Lucas reach, along with the trains and dinosaurs, the deal was completed with a patronising pat on Lucas back as he was handed his raisen wares.

I went back to get my coffee only to suddenly hear the repeated high-pitched yelp of incredulity from a scorned Luca.

I returned to find him stood open mouthed in the middle of the room as his increasingly desperate fingers fumbled around an empty raisin box, only interrupted by him occasionally lifting the box above his head and shaking it vigourously as if he couldn’t quite believe such evil deads could exist in the world.

“Lucas not happy is he daddy.” was Sonny’s only comment as he clutched his ill-gotten gains to his chest with both hands, crouched down low enough to pick up Lucas last piece of toast with his mouth, before nonchalantly leaving the room with an exaggerated (and particularly camp) skip to his step.


Natural order was later restored as a pre-occupied Sonny failed to notice Lucas act of stealth as he casually and meticulously collected all his toys one at time and dropped them into his currently favoured sanctuary behind the sofa, before picking up a book which he then pretended to read despite it being upside down.

“Daddy! have you seen my cars?”

“I’ve not Sonny, have you seen them Luca?”

At which point Luca raised his head and gave a Gallic shrug of his shoulders before returning to his reading.  Seconds later he peaked around the side of his book, caught my attention and gave me a huge grin of satisfaction, the glint in his eyes saying ‘that was for us daddy … brothers in arms!’…

and with it left me with mixed feelings of shared pride with my youngest, only slightly tempered by the guilt of yet again celebrating a rare victory over the cunning of his older brother … who lest i forget is still the younger side of three!?!

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