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We all have our crosses to bare.

Janet’s is being able to stay asleep when the kids shuffle past her side of the bed and scale the makeshift barricades I built out of dirty laundry to reach my side.

I know this because I’m already awake. I have the worst super power of all; I know they’re coming before even they do.

I wake, brace myself, and then,

thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, across the landing.

If I’d known their midnight meanderings were to carry on past their fourth birthday I’d have adopted teenagers.

I’m not normally one for conspiracies but it’s rarely the same child on consecutive nights which can mean only one thing. They’re bloody conspiring!

I’m convinced that when my back’s turned they’re discussing who’s on the night shift.

Call me paranoid but I’ve even taken to sneaking up on their conversations to try and catch them out.

So far it’s proved inconclusive, although I suspect Paw Patrol may be their codeword for grumpy sleep-deprived dad.

Occasionally, very occasionally, there’s a mix-up and they both sleep through. On these mornings there’s a tense atmosphere at breakfast. One of them has slept on duty and their brother is not happy. I assume a court marshal follows.

I’ve tried everything. Night lights and landing lights, alarm clocks and confusing their body clocks.

There is nothing this side of the Geneva Convention that’ll work.

My latest desperate attempt is rewards. They start each night with the promise of three stickers and lose one each time they come through before 6am.

They’re both in negative equity.

I’ve even taught Sonny how to tuck himself back in. The following night,

1am: “DADDDDDYYYY! I’ve tucked myself back in!”

3am: “DADDDDDYYYY! Do you want tucking in?”

5am: “DADDDDDYYYY! Shall I wake Luca up to see if he wants tucking in?”

5.05am: “Sonny woke me up! Can you tuck me back in?”

6am: “Daddy, I stayed in bed ALL night, can I have my stickers?”

There’s not even a pattern to their reasons. Aside from the nightmares and kicked off covers they often don’t even speak. You can turn them round, guide them back to bed and walk away.

I’m then left trying to get back to sleep whilst pondering on when ‘very late’ becomes ‘very early’?

I’ve yet to reach a definitive answer as I’m normally interrupted by,

thump, thump, thump, thump, across the landing. Again.

I say they don’t speak. Sonny did ask me at 3am whether he was a vegetarian. At 4am Luca wanted me to know that 1,710 was a REALLY big number.

The problem is I’m grumpy when I’m tired.

I know your body adapts to the sleep you get but look what only a few hours a night did to Margaret Thatcher.

I don’t have the luxury of coal pits to close down, and the only miners minors I can take it out on are my own children, and there’s laws against that!

I may just snatch their milk in the morning.

Thankfully they know not to bother me before I’ve had my first coffee of the day. Now I just need to persuade them that I didn’t, and will never order room service before 6am.

In fairness to Janet she does do more than her share. If I lie very still under the covers they’ll occasionally return from whence they came and poke her in the face instead.

Fortunately my laughter can’t be heard above her scream, although by admitting this there’s a good possibility I may go to bed tonight and never wake again.

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      It’s probably for the best that you can’t.

      I get a couple of nights sleep when we go away for my birthday then spend the next 11 months counting down the days!

  1. Our friends have a kids clock that has a light that’s red or green, parents set the time it turns green. They swear by it and their son is too scared to find out what would happen if he got up on red!! Luckily for them cos they don’t know either!

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      We should try that.
      We do have a similar clock but none of us knew how it works, and the kids liked to change it.
      The alarm on it would go off randomly. A steam train alarm that woke the whole street.
      May give it a try again though.

  2. Yes yes yes to all of this! I am ALWAYS awake before F comes in – and then it takes me ages to get back to sleep when/if he does. And the tag team thing is definitely a conspiracy. Gargh!

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  3. Omg, this is us! Are you sure you aren’t living my life?! I gave up trying about a year ago, and now survive on roughly 4 hours sleep and a quarter of the bed space I’m entitled to. On a good night. Great post.

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  4. Ah, the familiar thumping of tiny feet across the landing. The instruction from a 2yo (goddamit) to “shove over” at 2am in the morning. The waking up curled in a corner at the foot of the bed with the gentle odour of an overfull nappy inches from your face. Sweet dreams indeed.

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