Out of School Activities

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It was a conspiracy of guilt that made me take him.

Firstly I was doorstepped by a Mori pollster who wanted to question me about the out of school activities my boys did. When I said nothing she gave me a look of disgust like she’d just noticed I was naked but for a gimp mask.

Then there was the mum on the school playground who asked if I had their names down on the waiting list for Beavers.… read the full post.

Battle for the Fridge Door

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I can’t draw.

That’s not me being modest or defeatist, I set the bar unbelievably low before reaching that conclusion.

If you imagine how low you think I set it, then keep going. Nope, further, further still, a bit more and there it is. Squint and you’ll just about see it.

Some time ago my sister, while looking at some artwork on the fridge, commented on how Luca’s drawing was ‘not bad’.… read the full post.

World Book Day

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Ah, World Book Day …

A day where children find out their favourite book isn’t what they thought it was.

When it’s fair to ask the question,

“What came first, the book or the costume?”

When doing the school run as ‘Nuddy Ned’ is less appropriate than even I expected.

Where literature’s greatest characters include the Power Rangers.

Where my Google search history is littered with the words ‘easy’, ‘no-sew’, and ‘HELP!’… read the full post.

World Book Day

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To celebrate World Book Day we’ve been recycling old books to create new stories.

In our defence of it not being outright sacrilege, they were the type of dull books you get free with a jigsaw. No worthy books were harmed in the making of our new story, I promise.

We got together all our stickers, magazines, and unwanted books and began making up our own story.… read the full post.

House of ill

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It’s been a grim fortnight with both the boys suffering a week each of fever and phlegm.

It’s been so prolonged Sonny has started referring to Calpol as a pudding. Luca has a Calpol dance!?

Two weeks house-bound has meant they’ve had to draw up a gentleman’s agreement on some house rules.

They’ve agreed their levels of irritation:

  1. The pout and point.
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